AFL grand final day Melbourne Australia.

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  • smiddy3

    What a disappointment to see two teams that reach a grand final playoff and for it to be so one sided in the outcome.

    I don`t barack for either team ,but I at least expected it to be a tight fought out finish, but it wasn`t to be.114 points to 25 .?


    AFL = Aussie rules football played in Australia for those not familiar with it.

    And 100,000 people payed big money to go and watch it,tiger fans would have loved it but not the giants fans .

    I watched it for free ? on my 65 inch TV screen in my cinema room ( a small converted 3rd bedroom )

    Oh well maybe next year my team might be there and I can live it all over again .

    Car`n the Blues. ( Am I dreaming ? )

  • stillin

    Hey, at least they scored 25. High point of the game!

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