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    Half banana

    Just a thought, as the JW org declines in vigour there seem to be many puzzling stories and illustrations coming from the convention and KH platforms. At the moment we have a thread by Fed up JW about the many spokes of the bicycle wheel leading to God but claiming there is only one way. A counter-productive illustration.

    My thought is that the JW numbers are being artificially supported by threats of shunning which means that there are an increasing volume of non-believers in the ranks who feel unable at the moment to leave for social reasons. That includes elders who are ‘wide awake’ as we know from this site.

    Could it be that the ambiguous illustration choices might be evidence of either Freudian slips by fading elders or deliberately barbed points to wake up others up whilst still appearing to adhere to the party line?

    I reckon we should expect more in the future.

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