Does anyone want to to take a crack at Justifying these verses in the Bible?

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  • HiddenPimo

    I am amazed at how long I turned a blind eye to Bible accounts such as the ones found in the article here -

    The 10 worst Old Testament verses by Dan Barker

    My favorite part of this article is the quote found at the end of the article -

    A.A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh, said: "The Old Testament is responsible for more atheism, agnosticism, disbelief — call it what you will — than any book ever written; it has emptied more churches than all the counter-attractions of cinema, motor bicycle and golf course."

    What is the cover all answer for all of these accounts?

    We don't know why these things occurred, however, we can be sure that those who were destroyed were judged worthy of that fate by Jehovah who can read hearts and the others that were collateral damage, well the resurrection hope will fix that.

    I am not saying that there are not bits and pieces of good advice in the Bible that make for better humans when followed, however, what I am saying is that this picture sums up the reality of things...

  • tiki

    Frightening...the sexual and violent content....

  • nowwhat?

    In today's world Jehovah and the Israelites would be charged with war crimes more hideous and barbaric than the Nazi's and Isis!

  • Giordano

    Here's one that can freak out a JW. Hell it freaks me out.

    God decided to drown the world back in the day.........because it was so wicked.

    He saved only Noah his family and the animals that they gathered.

    Then He drowned every man and women......... He drowned all of their children.

    He drowned the toddlers. He drowned their unborn.

    This is the god Jehovah who you worship.

  • blondie

    Usually contradictions and the fact that the bible says god does not change but readers of the bible find out that the Israelites could do things Christians could not.

    1) have more than one wife

    2) divorce his wife even if she has not committed adultery

    3) Could not marry non-Israelites, unless you are Esther who was encouraged to marry a Persian king

    4) A man was guilty of adultery if he had raped a married woman or engaged woman.

    5) If she was single and he had raped her, he had to marry her and and never divorce and pay her father money.

    6) Joseph was described as a good man without a Jewish law code because he refused to have sex with his master's wife yet Judah his brother had sex with a temple prostitute but is given a pass because he was widowed at the time, Thus sex outside marriage was okay for men but not women,

    7) Both Aaron and Miriam, sister and brother of Moses, rose up against him but only Miriam was struck with leprosy.

    8) King David committed adultery with a married woman, Bathsheba, and had her husband killed when Bathsheba turned up pregnant although her husband had been away fighting David's war. Adultery and murder, punishable by death under the Law code. Yet David and Bathsheba were not put to death given a pass. Yet there was no such pass for other Israelites under the law code.

    These do not address his points directly, but they are the ones that come to my mind. His are great too. BTW he lives in the area I live in.

  • Giordano

    1 Kings 1 & 2

    1Now King David was old and advanced in years, and though they covered him with blankets, he could not get warm. 2So his servants said to him, “Let us search for a young virgin for our lord the king, to attend to him and care for him and lie by his side to keep him warm.”…

    Say What?

  • nowwhat?

    It's ok to have sex slaves! Namely concubines

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Old Testament versus the New Testament. Hey y'all are going to have to cut HIM some slack cuz he went through a learning curve.

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