Interesting Opening statement in a public talk

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  • Da.Furious

    On Sunday we had a talk, don't remember the title, but something about having zeal in our ministry and we are the best and have the truth stuff. The interesting this was the opening statement.

    The speaker started: We may have seen on the TV or knew about the TV Evangelizers, they have lots of energy in preaching on the tv and they ask for donations by text showing on the screen and their talk is based on asking for money.

    Then he moved on to talk how our organization is truly supported by God.....

    The thing that shocked me as related to the ignorance the speaker had. Haven't he watched the TV channel? What do the GB members and their helpers do? Don't they preach on tv? Aren't they doing the same as the TV evangelizers that they used to make fun and point out how this behavior is related to Babylon the great.

    On the donation side, the GB members et al, dont outright ask for money, but all their talks and presentations have a hint of donations and asking for more.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Hahaha, sad thing is - you were probably the only person in the whole building who caught that. JWs are trained NOT to make critical evaluations of the bORG. Obey. Obey. Obey

  • pale.emperor

    If i remember correctly, Stephen Lett even said (im paraphrasing) "...since our last broadcast, we noticed a great increase [of donations], and we thank you for it. When the Israelites were asked for donations to building their temple they provided gladly. But we have many more projects."

    So the appeal for money wasnt just a one off, it's becoming a lifetime commitment?

  • ToesUp

    WT will never see what they do. They blame everyone else. That is what true narcissist's do.

  • kpop

    I heard this opening before and it made my skin crawl. I remember I felt sick about it. What hypocrites!

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