Anyone own any movie props or replicas?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    So, I was recently watching a youtube vid.

    A Star Wars fan had bought a replica lightsaber, screen accurate down to the last detail, made from the same materials as the real thing. (It obviously didn't have a blade!)

    But it looked real in every other way, right size, etc.

    The guy bought it second hand from e-bay for $150. I think it was sold for $400 brand new in 2005 but these items can be worth thousands today.

    I obviously couldn't afford that but I do own a couple of replicas.

    First off, last year I bought a Freddy glove from Chris Grantner for $65. It's not screen accurate but it's made up of the same materials as the real thing - brass back plate & ringlets, copper finger stalls and steel knives (dull).

    ^^^ This isn't my glove - mine has slightly darker leather. ^^^

    Each one is hand made, not mass-produced. I think Chris Grantner's gloves are the cheapest hand made gloves (some made by other people are virtually 100% screen accurate and sell for hundreds of dollars, even $1000).

    I also own a part one sweater from Margret Olschewski.

    ^^^ Mine's identical to this. ^^^

    I wish I owned a few more replica props but it's not possible, given my financial situation.

    Do you own any replica props or, even better, any actual props?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Glove ...

    Sweater ...

  • Nevuela

    I have a replica of one of the swords from the Lord of the Rings films. Frodo's sword Sting, to be exact. I bought it for $50 from a swap meet over a decade ago while "official" replicas that came with a certificate of authenticity were being sold for over $200 at the local mall at the same time.

    The funny thing about it was the difference between my Sting and the "official" Sting. The silver vines wrapped around the hilt of mine are painted on, while the "official" Sting had bas-relief vines. While the latter looked a lot nicer, one has only to watch the movies to see that they used a sword with painted-on vines, which technically makes my "UNofficial" replica more authentic.

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