Are there any other Christian Religions that change their beliefs/doctrines / practices as much as Jehovah`s Witnesses ?

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    I ask this because of the latest change to baptismal questions that are now to be asked.And the multitude of changes in doctrine and understanding of scripture that have been going on since the founding of this religion in America in the 1840`s by C.T.Russell ,and later by J.F.Rutherford to be re-named Jehovah`s Witnesses.

    However it seems to me that the older this religion "Jehovah`s Witnesses" gets the more changes they make in a much shorter time frame .

    I can`t imagine any other religion Christian or otherwise continually making changes as they do in the relatively short time of their existence of approx.140 years and the bulk of their membership don`t see the red flags and really start questioning what`s going on ?

    This excuse that the" light gets brighter" / " New Light" is wearing a bit thin by now surely and is past its use by date.

    Its making Jehovah God and his son Christ Jesus seem like incompetents in not being able to give a clear direction as to how the organization /JW should proceed in the first place .

    You might be able to forgive them once or twice ,but continually over 100 years ? I don`t think so.

    How would it have been if Jesus Christ had kept changing what he said every few months or so "tacking" this way and that way supposedly to lead you to a truth ,it would be utter confusion as to what he is telling them .

    And in the end you wouldn`t believe anything he said.

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    The telling example is one religion that has NOT changed its beliefs in about 150 years, and that is the admittedly small and I think moribund Christadelphians.

    They are interesting in that in 1919 when Jesus is supposed to have done a choosing of a "Faithful and Discreet Slave" they were teaching what they had consistently since their mid 19th century shake up, and what they taught in 1919 is very like the what JW Org teaches today as far as Good news goes, obviously the Christadelphians don't need an Overlapping Generation Doctrine. They were no smaller then than the Rutherford followers.

    But why did Jesus not choose the Christadelphians, their "Spiritual Food" at the time was what JW Org had to come round to decades later ??? and, the Christadelphians were true Conscientious Objectors, Rutherford and Co supported the 1st World War, even urging the purchase of War Bonds to help.

    Boy, did J.C make a cock up in 1919 ! Missed a trick there.

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