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  • dogisgod

    A friend recently wrote this about Israell and the Palestinians. Regarding Israel : "They also have a book...written by themselves, that says that their invisible friend gave the land to them."

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yes, religious Jews saying Yahweh gave them land is crap.

    But the Jews are a Levantine people, with Hebrew being a Canaanite language.

    Now take the Palestinians, who are Arabs. There are two types of them ... Muslims and Christians.

    Strictly speaking, Arabs are not a Levantine people. Different waves of Arabs colonised the Levant. First were pre-Islamic Arab tribes, such as the Ghassanids and the Azd who emigrated from what is now Yemen in the first and second centuries - these tribes were Christians. I'm guessing today's Christian Palestinians are descended from them. Look at the following video of a Christian Palestinian woman. Note how dark complexioned she is. IMO she could pass for a Yemeni woman.

    Muslim Arabs came centuries later, seeping into the Levant from central Arabia.

    As I said before, religious Jews claiming God gave them land is BS. Also bad is the Israeli government stealing land from Palestinians in the West Bank.

    But Jews are a Levantine people with the right to self-determination and Israel has a right to exist.

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