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  • Elena

    So there is going to be a big elders meeting for all body’s of elder this week to go over the changes. I would imagine a great deal of the elders book is now obsolete and it would be too big a deal to update so much, maybe they will just make a new one?

    By the sound of it there are some more very large changes on the way anyway.

    Adjustments to Handling Serious Wrongdoing in the Congregation (S-395): A new document entitled Adjustments to Handling Serious Wrongdoing in the Congregation is available in the "Forms" section of the "Documents" tab on JW Hub. An elders' meeting will be held within the next week to review the direction provided in this document. In addition, the circuit overseer will review this material with the elders during his next visit to the con-gregation.

    has anyone got this document S395 to post? Atlantis perhaps?

    I would love to be a fly on the wall in my congregations elders meeting this week. These newly bearded Elders may be wearing jumpers, sweaters and all kinds of tops. I’m sure they are loving not having to wear ties.

    we have had a few messy disfellowshippings and if this new light applied they wouldn’t have been DFed and not being shunned right now.

    Elders will be extremely busy now with shepherding and now all these contacting DFed ones every six months. But at least they don’t have to wear ties or suits anymore🤣

    This will not be good for the individual Elders talking to all these ones who will be expressing doubts about the GB. Every six months they will be saying can we come and have another chat, the DFed one will say yes but I still think the GB are not who they claim to be

    I wonder what will happen about the elders book now?

  • Elmer

    Hi Mike JW, I mean Elena, I mean Jehovaxx, I mean Elderberry, etc.


  • TxNVSue2023

    Okay I had a good laugh on this one! I'm American & the term jumper here is short for jumpsuit which is a one piece pantsuit that only women wear. I had no idea Europeans call sweaters jumpers until I just googled it. Lol so I was over here laughing at the thought of the men wearing women's pantsuit at the meetings!

    This is an example of what American's call jumpers. In no way shape or form would we ever call a sweater a jumper - under any circumstances.

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