Note About "Mr X is a Pedophile" Type Posts

by Simon 2 Replies latest forum announcements

  • Simon

    If you show up posting that someone is a pedophile but don't include any corroborating evidence to back up your statement (e.g. a link to a news report or police statement) then expect your post and account to be deleted.

    I am not the police. I am not able to verify information that isn't in the public domain and there are enough malicious idiots about who will use libel to smear and harass people that we'd be crazy to take any statement at face value.

  • stillin

    Hear ! Hear!

    Sorry your job is so tangled up, Simon. Don't give up the ship.

  • smiddy3

    I take my hat off to Simon and the administrators for doing the job that they do ,we don`t need to make it any more difficult for them than it already is .

    This site has been a lifesaver for so many people ,lets not jeopardise it in any way.

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