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  • stephanie61092

    Good morning everyone,

    First, I know some of you may feel very obligated to tell me "why would you want to get back in?!" Or "you're where many of us want to be!" I know. I know. I hate that I have to do this but I have to play their game.

    Anyway, I was thinking of writing a letter this month. I'm confident I WILL get REJECTED. However, I was thinking of using it as an opportunity to record my JC and figure out what they really want from me and also to get more insight on the inner workings of this cult.

    Can anyone who was an elder or who was DFed before offer me suggestions as some key points to put in my letter? Preferably in a private message? I kind of have a letter formulated but I don't want to post it online just in case of "lurkers."

    Thanks everyone!

  • Sanchy

    The main thing elders are looking for (having passed enough time *usually 6 months at least) is that you are sincerely repented of your sin. Showing some humility in your words goes a long way.

    "I realize now the depth of my sins. I realize how it was against Jah alone that I acted. Brothers, I weep deeply, everyday, as I now realize how much I've hurt my father in Heaven. I've prayed daily for forgiveness. I have also taken steps to eliminate the sinful acts from my life, and intend never to return to them. I've learned my lesson."

  • DesirousOfChange

    I haven't seen any happen in only 6 months in quite a few years. Extremely rare if under 1 year. So be prepared for that. I'm not going to discourage you from doing this, as I understand why there are many who need to be "back in". So, go for it!

    Even though you don't expect to get it approved, make the request. Be a squeaky wheel. Make a request every 90 days. If they say it is too soon, ask them 'how long'? Tell them you have scoured WT publications, but cannot find any info on the subject. Ask them WHAT ELSE should I be doing that I am not already doing? These questions make them try to find answers in their own mind, and if you are doing all the right things, they'll have some mental discomfort rejecting your request (if they can think at all). Remember, most likely the one Alpha Male on the JC is the one running the show and making decisions. The non-dominant elders will not vote against the Alpha Male, as he probably has connections with the CO and gets assm talks and can influence what "privileges" the other elders are awarded.

    Mention things in the news that make you realize HOW NEAR WE ARE TO "THE END". In the USA, it's the corrupt politics. Everywhere you can say it's the economy or injustice or violence. Tell them you see "the writing on the wall" that this system's end is NEAR and you want to be part of Jah's Org. Tell them that you again feel like Jah is hearing and answering your prayers. You "know" he has "forgiven" you, but you realize that you must make that manifest in your life for all to see.

    Don't know your specifics, but that gives you a place to start.

    Good luck,


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Prayer is a BIG thing. If you tell them that you have felt Jehovah answering your prayers, quote a miracle or two ie: I needed gas money and someone gave it to you or I was able to get off for the CA when they NEVER let you off, the Elders may think, hmmmm this is a good sign. Just the fact that you have "Freeness of speech" with the big Jah is a biggee.

    As far as recording a JC? Usually when a letter has been considered there is no meeting with the individual unless they are considered for reinstatement. They would all three read it and informally consider it and one of the committee would simply tell you if you were not ready at this time and a few suggestions on what you need to further do to prove you have been demoralized enough are given. If you were to be reinstated they would meet with you and it would all be happiness and perhaps a statement of restrictions that might remain for a time.

  • steve2

    Stephanie, access your born actress talents and act, act act - which in JW organization amounts to "grovel, grovel, grovel". Groveling comes naturally to born-in JWs. You've heard of "Run for your life" as in get away from your local Kingdom Hall? Well do the opposite: Grovel for your life - or in this case, Grovel for your reinstatement.

    Who am I to dispprove of your choice? It could well be that you really do have "Doormat" tattoed on your forehead. This is your fate.

    Now, after groveling to the max for several months - I'd predict at least one year and likely longer - you may be reinstated.

    But you may realize that the good standing among JW family and friends that you crave so much remains elusive because even after you've jumped through all the hoops they lay out before you, many JWs will never forget what you have done and continue to view, if not treat, you with subtle disdain.

    But, if Doormat is tattoeed on your forehead, you will know this already. Let the groveling begin!

  • TheMark
    I know someone who has been reinstated recently, it didn't take a year. More like 6 months. So yes, groveling and submission is very important. Agree to everything they say and do everything they say. In other words, be the perfect hypocrite. Good luck.
  • TheFadingAlbatros

    Are you talking about an ass-licking letter ?

  • Crazyguy
    Write something along these lines " I now realize that it was a sin to use more then ten percent of my brain, oh why why did the great Creator give me so much Brian power if I was only going to use it and sin against the organization. I pray that in my sleep Jehovah will cut out some of my Brian so I can be more like the elders."
  • Landy

    Who am I to dispprove of your choice? It could well be that you really do have "Doormat" tattoed on your forehead. This is your fate.

    Harsh. But fair!

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