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by Gizmo 1 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Gizmo

    Sorry if this has already been posted about, but people really need to listen to this! And pass it on to people you know

    It is not only about the F&DS, it includes important other information about Child Abuse

    Thank You

  • smiddy3

    marked for later listening. For those who don`t know Steven Unthank a guest here sued the Faithful and Discreet slave class in a court of law here in Australia a few years ago and had some success .

    , and is active along with some others in getting this message across about the WT / JW religion not protecting JW children in the religion against sexual abusers among other things .

    He and his co-workers are travelling around the world getting this message across to all and sundry who will listen .

    Notable in that court case J.W`s Lawyers acknowledged that Steven Unthank even though he was suing the religion was not an Apostate and he got a win in having the JW`s getting a "Working With Children Check" that they had objected to getting.

    Don`t be put off by the length of the video ,take the time out to listen.

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