US Banks threatening the gun industry—hitting them where it hurts

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  • careful

    An interesting development. The gun industry is scrambling for new protections.

  • hoser

    People who want guns will find ways to purchase them.

  • TD
    Interesting, but most of the major manufacturers are into other areas of metallurgy as well. Ruger's Prescott plant, for example makes everything from titanium golf clubs to artificial joints.
  • Simon

    People tempted to rejoice this should consider a precedent set where in the future, companies with power decide that they are now in a group to be denied access to crucial services.

    I think this is an abuse of a position of power and control. If some local mom-and-pop business isn't allowed to pick and chose their customers, then why should a much more powerful company be able to do so?

    What's to stop them from abusing this power for financial gain by shorting a companies stock and then driving them out of business? You think banks are too ethical?

  • hoser

    Good point Simon. Just like they put fur trappers out of business

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