Women's March in Germany: Allah Akbar!

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  • Saename

    I just found something interesting... I found a video of a group of people shouting, "Allah Akbar!" while protesting in Berlin, Germany. It was the Women's March.

    Praise Allah for this one-minute recording:


    It's fascinating how the West is oblivious to what's going on in the Muslim world... You would've thought they'd figure out by now that the Muslims in the Middle East are killing apostates and forcing women to be submissive as we speak. But, no, it's not Islam. It's politics.

    Are you kidding me?

  • cobweb

    I feel like this site is starting to need an anti-Muslim sub forum

  • Simon

    Disgusting that this happened. Europe is really being taken over without a fight.

    The idiot left is enabling it - it's been taken over and is being used by political Islam (really, the only kind) to push it's agenda. These women are the forward troops to push it and try and do the soft-sell.

    Look at the woman's march ... when one of the organizers links to militant Islamic groups came out it has become about her, and defense / promotion of her and, of course, of Islam. She has plenty of tweets pushing and promoting Sharia, all of them lies.

    See how it works? The goals of the woman's march had plenty about Islam in it and then it all becomes about that, imagery everywhere of US colors juxtaposed with Islamic dress (and ironically, symbols of oppression and subjection that women in Islamic countries tried to fight against, but failed).

    And the crowd clap while it happens.

    Watch this for the best ever explanation of Islam, what it wants, how they go about taking over and why reform won't work, the reformation has already happened and there is no such thing as Militant or Moderate Muslims:


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    I found a video of a group of people shouting, "Allah Akbar!" while protesting in Berlin, Germany. It was the Women's March.

    I saw the video and I've got this to say:

    There was no group of women shouting Alla Akbar there was only one. Everybody else was shouting "pussy grabs back.

    It's obvious that the women at that protest were Liberals.

    The one individual that made that shout was being looked at with disdain. It is likely that she was being sarcastic.


  • bohm

    VI: The protests must be delegitimized. The only people that can exist on the left are SJWs and their idiotic enablers. This will in the coming weeks and months be done by pouring over examples of violence and idiocy during the protests. This will be successful.

    I recommend you to watch the video by Sargon of Akkad on this thread (i have indicated the relevant sections)


    ...unrelated to this is how the SJWs believe that the only people who are conservative are racist white supremacists and their idiotic enablers. But that is just because they live in an echo-chamber.

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