Have you watched the Smallfoot movie?

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  • Theonlyoneleft

    So relatable to JW’s.

    A funny children’s movie that has a song called “Perfection”.

    One part goes like this “ If there's a question, causing you to go astray, Just stuff it down inside until it goes away”.

    Poignant song. What do you think?

    Check it here:


  • User99

    Yes! We just watched Smallfoot the other day. Definitely thought about my JW past!

  • blondie

    Thanks for sharing that, theonlyoneleft.

  • blondie
    And hey, hey, it's another day
    Like every other
    And I don't wanna change a thing
    Not one little thing, I mean, because
    I do what the stones say

    And I'm doin' okay
    What could be better than this?
    It is what it it is, it is perfection
    Look at everybody do their part
    And they do it with a happy heart
    And it gives them all a sense of greater purpose
    Well, that's the way that I wanna be
    I wanna make them all proud of me
    Just be a steady yeti and deserve this
    (Do you seriously believe mammoths are holding us up?)
    (What's holding up the mammoths?)
    (Uh, hello? It's just mammoths, all the way down.
    Don't listen to them,
    they're questioning the stones, and we don't do that, okay?)
    If there's a question, causing you to go astray
    Just stuff it down inside until it goes away
    Got it? Good!
  • Theonlyoneleft

    Thank you for sharing the rest of the song Blondie. Really interesting words.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    Smallfoot features:

    1.) Fear

    2.) Obligation

    3.) Guilt

    4.) Shunning

    5.) Information Control

    6.) New Light

    7.) Gaslighting

    8.) Us vs. Them

    I highly recommend it.

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