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  • Formerbrother

    EK Johnathon has written three brilliant books and made them free for everybody to read


  • Formerbrother

    The first one is critical times about the end of this system over the next few years, its shows the great tribulation, governments turning on religion and the Armageddon.

    the next book in the series is called All things new, and shows immediately after Armageddon

    The final book is call the unrightous ones and starts several hundred years into the new world and shows the reserection and then how Satan and the demons are let out of the Abyss for a short time for the final test at the end of the thousand year reign

  • Formerbrother

    These books are brilliant,

    What other witness fiction can anybody recommend

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    I have filled out a form and hope i will be going to chelsmford in 2019 :)
    Even people in the world now are saying that further education is a waste of time and money, looks like the borg were correct about that one
    If not JWs then who else comes closest?
    If they are not JWs then there are no Gods people on earth today, period.

    Its either the Bible, then JWs are the closest to the truth, or the old 19century science theory of evolution. But 21 century science has proved the old 19 century theory wrong.

    What is the other alternative to JWs?

    I will never give in even on threat of death. I love Jehovah

    Jesus said those who have love amongst themselves. Well that is only Jws on a world wide scale. When in war time, which other groups will never take up arms and fight, even on threat of death. Only Jws.

    I deny blood on Jehovahs peoples hands, Jehovahs people never ever partake in any wars, what on earth are you referring to?

    Still a lot of wishy washy answers, if not JWs then what other options? (x10)

    If there is one option nearer the truth what is it? (x10)

    Its all down to the increasing use of digital media. We dont need so much printing as we did before.
    The more you study the more you realise just how little we know, just human wisdom can not compare with the wisdom of Jehovah the loving creator.

    They are NOT discouraging having children, or spending time with them. They are praising the hard working self sacrificing brother and sisters who put Jehovah ahead of personal interests.

    Think how Jehovah feels about such self sacrificing Brothers and Sisters?

    The good news will be preached in ALL the nations. Matthew 24:14. It is being fulfilled, but only by Jehovahs people.

    I do not believe anything gets covered over. The policy is, if a paedophile infiltrates the JWs then the police are notified right away.

    I still cant find a better alternative. Until I do I will stick to JWs.

    Formerbrother, are you really a Former brother?

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