Dirty comment my witness mom said to me

by Jayk 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Jayk

    "You're getting very cocky and its gonna get your cock thrown out of here" my step dad then starts laughing and im just speechless at that point. I just moved back home, I was 19 because and needed a place to stay. She thought I was backed a corner and had no where else to go.. We where having a argument over something probably really stupid. But I was proving her wrong.

    I also heard another story recently but it goes along the lines of my youngest brother had moved back to her place. She would just walk into his room without knocking which sounds about right. So finally he flipped out. He got butt naked in front of her and my step dad. "Is this what you wanna see? next time you just wanna walk in my room I want you to remember this" and it freaked my mom and step dad out. That is something my little brother would do. Funny story, very sad he had to take it to that extreme.

  • scratchme1010

    Depending on what happens after, I think in the future that incident may become a funny memory.

  • Jayk

    Its one way to take a stand thats for sure.

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