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    transfer is deleted would you mind reposting please?

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    It's here as well: http://exjw.boards.net/thread/78/28-dec-2017-boe-letter


    Re: Witnessing to Refugees

    Dear Brothers: In Jesus’ day, innocent people were displaced for reasons beyond their control. (Matt. 2:13-15) The same is true today. As world conditions continue to deteriorate, many people are forced to live as refugees, fleeing to other countries in search of peace and a better life for them selves and their families. (Eccl. 9:11; Matt. 24:6-8; 2 Tim. 3:1) How can your congregation have a share in providing spiritual assistance and comfort to displaced persons?—Deut. 10:17-19. Please analyze your congregation’s territory. Have a significant number of individuals recently moved into your territory as refugees? If so, please immediately provide your circuit over seer with the answers to the following questions: Have refugee camps or centers been set up? Do the refugees have an established community? What is the estimated population of refugees? What languages do they speak? Until you receive further direction from your circuit overseer or the branch office, continue to care for the spiritual needs of the refugees in harmony with the direction provided in the articles “Helping ‘Foreign Residents’ to ‘Serve Jehovah With Rejoicing’” and “Helping the Children of ‘Foreign Residents,’” found in the May 2017 study edition of The Watchtower. Other pertinent information can be found in the Watch Tower Publications Index under “Refugees.” It is important that in imitation of Jehovah, we take an organized approach when provid ing spiritual assistance and comfort to those who are displaced. (1 Cor. 14:33; 2 Cor. 1:3, 4) We are confident of Jehovah’s rich blessing on your efforts to share the good news with refugees who are experiencing firsthand the effects of these critical last days.—2 Tim. 3:1. Please be assured of our warm Christian love and greetings.

    Your brothers,

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