A Poem (The Lady of the Sycamores)

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  • TerryWalstrom

    The Lady of the Sycamores
    ( by Terry Walstrom)

    The Monday she arrived hit local folks just like a bomb.
    Not since widow Wilson ran away with Reverend Tom
    has gossip traveled quite as fast and twice as far in town
    And then the party started with the word she was around

    Everything was peaceful Sunday, calm and restful
    til the Monday morning Mary Sycamore arrived,
    things got loud as if a riot had come to end the peace and quiet
    at the house of family Sycamore.

    The Lady of the Sycamores is causing quite a stir
    and no one else can capture hearts or has a way like her
    yet women can’t get jealous raising envious alarms though every man who sees her wants to hold her in his arms.

    The Lady of the Sycamores’ admirers in and out her doors
    have spread the word she gives them quite a thrill;
    her flirty smile, enchanting laugh, even sometimes in her bath has been about the only conversation for awhile.


    The things they pin on her may not hold water even so,
    offer a refreshing drink this lady won’t say no
    Underneath the powder and that sassy fancy lace
    There has to be a purity and fine uncommon grace

    The Lady of the Sycamores will smile at any stranger
    But all she needs is someone strong to come along and change her
    She’ll steal your heart if you steal kisses
    warm and cuddly is what this miss is
    When you lay her gently in her bed…
    Only one more thing will need be said...

    When all excitement settles
    I suppose you should be told...
    The Lady of the Sycamores is only 2 days old
    Oh, Baby!
    The Lady of the Sycamores is only 2 days old

    © 2017 Terry Walstrom

  • TerryWalstrom

    I'm now thinking this could be turned into a sort of BIG BAD JOHN style song

    like Jimmy Dean sang. Who would be the best singer for me to submit this to, ya think?

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew


    The man of the monkey puzzle tree was handsome, brave and five foot three

    Everyday he'd walk his dog a pug that looked like a paunchy hog

    One Sunday evening in the park little Poochini began to bark

    Out of the bushes and across the lawn ran something that looked like a leprechaun

    The duo took off in hot pursuit and cornered a monkey in a sailor suit

    So if you wonder how that little guy got free

    Just ask the man of the monkey puzzle tree

  • TerryWalstrom

    My favorite tree. I like it, Nancy!

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