Another JW caller on today's Atheist Experience?

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  • jws

    This guy seems a bit nuts (doesn't all JW belief?). But Listen to Edward from about 26 - 45 minutes in.

    He talks about against world religion but believes in God. He says it's all for some reason of proving his point against the devil and that things in the bible are deliberately complicated so as to find people really seeking him. And that at the moment, he's allowing a Satanically run "system". Words like Christendom.

    He also uses phrases like whether life got here by random chance or intelligent design. IDK what JWs are using these days, but those sound like synonyms for "did life get here by evolution or creation"?

    As far as describing which bible prophecies came true, he mentions the destruction of Babylon. And uses the phrase "last days".

    He doesn't sound like your typical JW, but it sounds like he's picked up some phrases and beliefs from them. I could be wrong. Maybe these phrases and ideas are common to many Christian religions. Just sounded a bit JW to me.

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