Is the Father Greater than the Lord Jesus?

by JW Answers 27 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Billzfan23

    Since they are both as real as Santa Claus, Satan, or a unicorn, I'd say no...and yes!

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Yes. Thank U, Next.

  • Wonderment

    JW Answers: I always prove my teachings from the word of God, and when a person cannot reply back to the verses showing to them, they become upset and tell me in a mild way "get lost" (basically).

    One problem with the above statement, is that you may be assuming that participants in this forum don't have the sufficient knowledge to answer your list of texts that you use to prove your point.

    Many participants here are quite knowledgeable. They cannot be treated like "ignorants."

  • cofty

    Proof-texting wars are so tedious.

    I could refute the deity of Jesus from the bible and I could support the deity of Jesus from the bible.

    The error is to imagine that the bible presents a consistent Christology.

  • john.prestor

    Exactly. Many different authors wrote many different texts (usually not the people ascribed to them) and many different editors edited those texts over the years. Anybody who wants to know more should read Alfred Loisy's The Origins of the New Testament, you can read it free online.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    It the Father greater than the Lord Holy Spirit? Asked no one ever.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Is Gromit greater than Wallace?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    JW Answers, please let me explain why I think your apparently profound and simple question is flawed and misleading.

    From your respectful tone moderated by saying they are not your words but scripture, you attribute to the Bible absolute powers and wisdom which it most certainly does not deserve.

    What you constantly refer to as authority is undoubtedly a human artefact, it is the work of scribes doing duty to their overlords in establishing their rights to rule in the name of God.

    The thinking behind Biblical text is the ethos of the Iron Age when human life was cheap and spent subordinated to the will of warlords or despotic kings. Enshrined in the Bible are the existential fears of Iron Age life, and the metaphors of a ruler’s power of playing God with lives.

    Think of the punishments meted out for enemies of Israel; slaughtering non believers, dashing children’s heads against the wall and death to all foreigners who worship different gods—is this justice? Is it the highest moral stand expected of a divine being? No it’s fear-mongering and all too human, like the rest of scripture.

    So how did the Bible get this reputation for divine wisdom? It was effectively driven by the late Roman Empire’s need to unify its people with a consolidation of prevailing religious belief drawn from all elements of paganism. The response was the creation of the Roman Catholic (i.e.universal) Church. Its selection of manuscripts were hallowed not by God but by the emperor and his bishops-- the same Church from which your present beliefs have ultimately come.

    Because of the diversity of sources of belief brought together in the deliberately syncretised Catholic Church (born of political demands it must be remembered) it is completely impossible to find a harmonious and consistent reading of the Bible-- and to spend effort in trying doing so is a total waste of time. Why flog dead horses?

    As a footnote, I would not wish to dismiss your efforts which are no doubt very well intended and as a JW emerges from the Watchtower delusions, to learn that doctrine and text is ambiguous is a worthwhile fact to realize. I suggest that to understand that Scripture is human in origin and was driven by political or cultic imperatives, is an even more useful kick-start in getting back to the real world.

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