New JW Podcast Episode - The King in the North

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    After a few well needed weeks off (Lloyd decided to take his yacht out into the Pacific, and Jaymes went on a pilgrimage excursion to Israel...again), the guys are back at JW Podcast HQ! This episode sees them discussing the leaked district convention video in the Hot Topic bit, as well as cover the King of the North subject in the Doctrine Debate. No Game of Thrones discussion unfortunately.

    The guys then answer a few listeners questions, and help out another listener who has sent in a personal and heartfelt message.

    All that and more in this week's JW Podcast!

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    Lastly, always allow yourself to think critically!


    Jaymes & Lloyd

    JW Podcast

    PS. Keep up the great reviews on iTunes! The guys will read some of them out on the next show. Promise!

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