Do you know John/Jake Nuthall formerly from Whaley Bridge

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  • sum1964

    Hi, I'm looking for an old school friend called Jake Nuthall (real name John). I was at Chapel En Le Frith high school with him and we both lived in Whaley Bridge (united kingdom) at the time. He'll be about 52 53 years old now. He and his family were Jehovah's witnesses and they up sticks moved to Norfolk I believe in about 1982. He had a slightly younger brother who's name I can't remember, Joey? He was a great friend who introduced me to Joy Division and the Stranglers and we'd sneak out riding our mopeds together when his dad was at work. If anyone knows of Jake please get in touch. Thanks

  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    Did u know the Rattigans from there?

  • sum1964

    Not from Whaley Bridge,no

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