Will Royal Commission make this mandatory?

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  • Gizmo

    Hi everyone, haven't been here or posted for many many years, my health has been poor.

    I checked in briefly the other day and I was very happy to see and hear that something substantial is finally happening about the mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse in the organization here in Australia, thanks to the Australian Royal Commission hearings.

    Some things that I was just wondering about that someone may already be aware or knows if it will be implemented:

    If a JW pedophile is caught and identified, prosecuted and maybe even convicted and jailed, serves his/her time, after which this perpetrator is released into the community and then decides to "show repentance" to the elders of a congregation and wishes to be reinstated.

    Will the elders be required by law to reveal the identity of this pedophile to the congregation?

    To me this would be a very important requirement for the Royal Commission to make mandatory! We that have been on the inside know all too well the requirement of secrecy the organization places upon elders not to reveal judicial matters to the congregation and in some cases like (loose conduct) for example between consenting adults this is fair enough, everyone doesn't need to know the details.

    However, it is a totally different matter when it comes to a convicted and registered sex offender of any kind.

    ALL the members of a congregation have the right to know there is a registered child sex offender in their midst! Then the parents have awareness and can decide what action to take for themselves in regard to the safety of their children.

    A formal letter from the organization service desk that names the offender and informs each family MUST be made Mandatory and hopefully imposed by the law, or, each congregation elder faces the risk of imprisonment and severe fines, same would apply to the service desk and branch office personnel that would not adhere to this requirement.

    The ex JW friends who have followed through with their revelations and grievances about JW.Org's severe lack of expertise in how to deal with the reporting of and dealing with child abusers and their victims to the Royal Commission are to be applauded.

    I was blown away when I heard Lara Kaput on the radio not long ago. I had no idea that she left the Org. I knew her family very well before her mother Julia left the Org and divorced her father Julius. So many years have passed since I knew their family and played tennis with Julius and Lara’s Mum.

    Hope, they're all well and managing to survive in these crazy times.

    Keep up the good work of exposing the sadly many deficiencies and cruel machinations of the organizations rules and interpretations of the Bible.

    I know there are many genuinely sincere and very kind people in the congregations that are still being duped, and unfortunately take it as a given that they are in “The Truth” like many of us used to believe.

    This adverse publicity that the society is now receiving, by The Royal Commission into child sex abuse in the ORG, is the very thing they were hoping to avoid by their misconstrued rules to keep things on the quiet and handle things internally. THEY (GB) have failed to not bring Jehovah’s name into disrepute, and in fact by the leaders arrogant, hard nosed antiquated and draconian rules have actually caused Jehovah’s glorious name to be brought down and dragged through the mud.

    I personally find it so sad that people in the Org (kind people and families) still have to suffer indignities, because of ignorance, and most will never know what is now really going on, because the Org will keep it low key and just say it is Satan and his "apostate" agents doing this, to undermine “Jehovah’s Earthly Organization” if ever anyone dares to question their authority.

  • zeb

    I think you have asked and answered your own question here.

    The hope is that the individual will be known via the press and the wt gossip line and so what the elders do or dont do will be of little significance but, in some cases the offender may have to be recorded on the sex offenders log and this may require them to notify authority if they move etc.

    Sound comments are definitly welcome to this question.

  • Giordano

    Here in the US we have lists of convicted pedophiles/sex offenders... on line..... including their picture....... usually their police booking photo....... their current address and the nature of their offense/conviction .

    Reporting any change of address is also mandatory.

    Here is a sample of sites that one can review re their own neighborhoods:


  • DesirousOfChange

    It’s a criminal offense. The Gov’t has the capability of making the public aware if convicted molesters to protect others.

    I think it unfair to put this responsibility on private organizations, incl religious groups. The financial risk for liability should be incentive to prevent abusers from being used in positions of trust ever again. In the case of WTS, $$$ is the only motivation that will work.

  • smiddy3

    According to G.Jackson at the CARC Jehovah`s Witnesses would love that as it takes the "burden" off them to do so .

    As he said under oath it would make things much easier for the Jehovah`s Witness religion ? if it was made mandatory in all states in Australia.

  • Vidiot

    Ten bucks says WT reps will hem, haw, mumble, and do the absolute bare fucking minimum to follow the letter of the law.

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