Yes, the Watchtower Society is VERY much being investigated all over the world!

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  • Golden Earring
  • LV101

    Is this for real?! JWs purchasing guns/firearms these days?

    Is Johnny the Bethelite legit? Lots of questions - thanks.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Seems Johnny T B is off his meds again, and 6 Flags is making the worldwide JW news over his unbelievable rantings.

    Hey I wonder what story Johnny could cook up about AM#3 big booze purchase, and the tight pants being banned at Bethel.

  • Diogenesister

    Listen, there is no doubt in my mind the US govt has its ear to the ground when it comes to anti govt extremism. Watchtower has a history of agitation ( Rutherford) and the US can’t be seen to be draconian with Muslim groups, yet allowing Christian groups to be as extreme as they want in their views without some consequences.

    They know Watchtower is a cult. I mean they even have a compound now. You better believe the US govt has its eye on them to some extent.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think you are right but definitely at this stage in the game judging from the Waco episode with the FBI, they may following some type of routine investigation but nothing that would be leaked to some news people.

    I'm sure the Government's Home Land Security is looking into the matter, since the Russian's are making the claim. I bet they already have informants inside the organization, which shouldn't be that hard to do. Waco seems to have been a blunder or carefully handled by the FBI, I'm sure they have learned a lot sense then. Jim Jones, Waco, and many other cults the FBI has dealt with have given them better data to see the warning signs that they better step in. But with all the electronic activity that goes at the Watchtower Corporation I'm sure they have a very good picture of this cult in serious financial trouble and efforts to take money out of the country and all.

  • Golden Earring
    Golden Earring

    Oh, it is very real! And far more than that!

    Why did the Watchtower Society block and then delete Kurt Hennig (Honest Counselor) from Google+ last year, long before Google deleted the Google+ program? (

    This after they had him falsely arrested several times, made homeless and destitute over and over again for years, stalked and harassed him, his house ransacked and robbed and then finally chased out of the US so that he had to claim documentary asylum in Canada? Not only him but other former JW’s who were removed from the organization after reporting crime and abuse and Human Rights violations. That’s just the beginning!

    Why can’t you find or access any of his information anymore on the Internet? Even his Facebook page: which he doesn’t even have any control over is unreachable unless you log-in to Facebook and access it through another account.

    Why does the Watchtower Society still lie about such things as "8 million members" when it is a mere fraction of that? Or the "Purple Triangle" When Hitler allocated upside down Pyramids due to the Watchtower Society's renowned pyramydology etc...

    Or Greenlees and Chitty, two pedophiles who were on the Governing Body and so on...

    Its association with the United Nations:

    How about the origins of the New World translation and Johannes Greber? (To name only one):

    Look this stuff up for yourself...don't take my word for it...

  • Vidiot


    ...isn't "Golden Earring" the name of a one-hit-wonder 80s band who's song was about The Twilight Zone?

  • Vidiot
    Diogenesister - "They know Watchtower is a cult. I mean they even have a compound now."

    I've mentioned this a couple times before, but...

    ...years back, I read about a research project done by the Canadian government to be used to help identify domestic extremist groups before they become dangerous (can't find it now, but trust me, it exists).

    In virtually all the examples the researchers had looked at, one of the very first steps was withdrawing from an urban presence to a rural one.

    This came out before the Warwick move, but the moment I read about that, I immediately thought about the aforementioned research, and I never forgot it.

  • sir82

    Two hits! You forgot "Radar Love".

    And you know what I always say....if Johnny the Bethelite says it, it must be at least as trustworthy as a Sarah Sanders press conference.

  • LV101

    Or at the very least a sleazy Ole Hil debate -- the 'Uranium Queen'!

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