We hid from JW's !!

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  • Phizzy

    Well, not exactly hid, but we did what homeowners used to do to us when we were door knocking as JW's.

    They trundled in to my street about half past four this Afternoon, delivering Memorial Invitations, one JW lady who I have known since she was born, looked right at me through my street facing window, it was then I realised who they were.

    I was semi-naked having just come in from sunbathing, and Mrs Phizzy said " I am not going to the door if they ring". I said "Well, I can't be arsed to get dressed so they can just ring !".

    Eventually they sent a youngish lady who I did not recognise, she rang the bell, we did not answer, so she shoved the invite through the door.

    I kind of feel strange about this, if they come to my door I usually chew the fat with them, but it also felt kind of liberating to just ignore them.

    I do feel that they will think I was too cowardly to answer the door, which I know is not so, I simply could not be arsed, but then, who cares what they think ? They ain't that great at the art of thinking are they ?

  • westiebilly11

    I was working in a garden , one of several in a small open cul de sac locally , and the owners were sitting on garden bench close to the pavement, when a JW, an elder, was calling on homes. He rang each doorbell, and waited a little, but got no replies, as most people just ignored him. I knew most were in at the time as I'd seen them! Then he came to my client's home. He didn't see me watching him a few yards away. He rang the bell, I heard it ,but the clients didn't. He then walked right past my client's and said nothing!! He could have had an informal chat, invited them to the memorial, or even just acknowledged them, but he did absolutely nothing!!! What a waste of time witnessing has become these days. No effort to reach people. I couldn't believe it when he just walked past them!!!!! This man is a wel known 'senior' elder. I guess because he was on his own he could get away with just a token service effort....To think when I was 'in', I never ignored anyone, and made effort to talk with everyone...Things have changed a lot in the few years since...Why??

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    A couple of years ago I was doing some survey work on a public street. I was dressed in nice office clothes and was just verifying some boundary markers for a City Project and my company vehicle was parked next to me.

    I saw a carload of JW's working their way down the street. Finally two nicely dressed middle aged women walked right past me and I could see the memorial invitations in their hands.The ladies had sort of reddish tinted hair and were wearing the obligatory loose colorful scarves draped around their neck like you see in all the JW videos.

    I smiled and said Hi to them and looked closely at what they had in their hands. They smiled and said hello back.

    After they passed, I said with a smile "So...don't I get an invitation??"

    They turned around and were all smiles and started walking back toward me.

    I said, "You're Jehovah's Witnesses right??

    They both said in unison "Yes we are" and they seemed pleased that I'd have recognized who they were.

    I said, "I used to be a Jehovah's Witness and when I was out handing out memorial invites, I used to think it was really important to give them to everyone I saw especially if they said hello. I was surprised you passed right by me."

    They looked down at their shoes and as usual I felt bad for them and sort of annoyed at myself for being kind of mean, so I just made some feeble joke that let them off the hook and soon everything was right again.

    Long story short, they wanted to know why I wasn't a JW anymore. I told them how I was a former Bethelite and of the circumstances (family death over the blood issue etc) that led to our entire family leaving the JW's.

    They seemed genuinely troubled by what they heard but as usual, they suddenly had to go.

    I've had several encounters like this with JW's , in public and at my own door but I've found that they are so blown away by my situation, that either they simply can't deal with the thought that anything like that could happen in their perfect organization or they know of similar things happening but must force themselves not to think about it too much.

    Lately on the rare occasion that they've come to my door, I've done the H.B.H. (home, but hiding) routine like you did because it's too sad and frustrating to see them trying to reconcile their fantasy with the real world when they are confronted with it. But you're right, I does make you feel a bit odd for some reason.

  • scratchme1010

    I kind of feel strange about this, if they come to my door I usually chew the fat with them, but it also felt kind of liberating to just ignore them.

    I relate to that. To me the real liberation is not reacting one way or another. That's the best way of removing ourselves from their negative influence.

  • DesirousOfChange

    We avoid them if possible. If we know it's JWs (and they've only knocked on our door 3-4 times in 10 years), we just don't answer and stay clear of the foyer windows.

    In fact, we are invited to a JW wedding soon and debating whether to go. Our decision here:


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