Warwick - My Retirement Home

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  • Bonsai

    You know what? I'm tired. I dedicated the majority of my life to the whims of seven men who live in an ivory tower. I've heard recently that they are about to finish a new retirement home in beautiful, rural upstate New York. I neglected to go to college and build up a meaningful career because they discouraged me from doing so. Now I can't even scrape together the front money needed to start a loan on a house.

    So how about this, I've decided that I'll go ahead and move my family to Warwick and retire there. I'll let them take care of me like they take care of the GB and their special "helperzzz". No loan, no bills, insurance is covered and I will be in want of nothing. It should be fine, right? After all, I have been sending them donations since I was a child (no ice cream for me).

    Help me out folks. What do I need to do to make this happen? What does the common sheepie need to do so that they can live out there days in plush Warwick?

  • stuckinarut2

    Yep, I wonder what they would do if a witness family just lobbed up on the grounds and set up camp and claimed they they needed a place to live?

    Wonder how long it would be before the heavies kicked out that faithful desperate family back onto the streets and locked the gate!

  • awake!watcher
    Don't risk your family on a toxic waste site.
  • stillin

    You start by begging your local BOE for the application form. Then, when they finally cough it up a year or two later, you fill it out and give it back to them. They won't know which one of them is supposed to submit it to Bethel, or which WT address to send it to so maybe it will go out after a year, if you keep after them.

    they will hound you about qualifying for this privilege. Things you must do to ensure your acceptance to the Grand Warwick Retirement Home. So be prepared to bump up your service time for a couple of years. It would help if you could pioneer. Ask for that application, too.

    i wonder if they have ice cream on the menu at Warwick...

  • fulano

    Getting up at six every morning having breakfast with people you don't like, work from 8-12, than lunch what you may not like and with people you don't like. Than work from 1-5. Running to get your supper in your plastic box. Whole day dressed up.

    You havent been a bethelite that's obvious.

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