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  • truthlover123

    Although this is not a JW thing, the Netflix co. is running a new show called "THE GREAT HACK"- it relates back to 2015 pre Trump era/ Obama involved with the Cambridge Analytica group about how inserted these companies are in our lives. Anyone in the world, especially targeting the US- has 2000-5000 points of interest about them, enough to sway their thinking on any specific subject - this covers the US election tied to Brexit, to Bannon, to Breitbart and tied to rise of hate, This company worked with biggies, Facebook, Google, etc to release personal information to Cambridge -- talk about gerrymandering! At its best! They targeted the fence sitters in the 2016 election and promoted ads that "pushed" voters to vote in a specific way. Trump won by only 70,000 votes- and Obama used Cambridge as well.

    They helped replace governments in at least 7 countries according to recordings. U S as well.

    Although they filed Bankruptcy, their millions of personal information hacks were not turned over, One excellent whistleblower Brittany Kaiser testified in U S and in front of Mueller tying it all together. Always wonder how the ads that are shown to you on your personal phones and devices -- thats your answer. They know your thinking habits and give you your hearts content, so to speak.

    AN interesting and informative watch as to exactly how we are being manipulated in this day and age and even though we realize some of it- most is hidden.

    Tends to lead to the latest WT study articles- black is white, and white is black.

    They are able to make and break society structures of the world.

    Welcome to Big Brother is Watching. It was only a matter of time

  • cyberjesus

    Interesting... can you see people with drastically opposing views anywhere? not here.

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