not all JW's are asleep

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    So why am I still attending? Because I love God and I believe in Jesus' message to tell others of his kingdom which is coming. I don't preach the JW message and falsehoods when calling on people.

    I completely understand this line of thinking and in the past wondered about doing this myself. Then I thought, if I do find interest at the door, where would I take them...why would I bring them to the Kingdom Hall if I don't really agree with a lot of important would I explain this to them especially during the Memorial while I was munching away on unleavend bread when the speaker just said it was only for the annointed ones? And what happens when the interested one becomes a JW and dies due to the blood issue....something I don't believe is correct. Would I be sort of responsible?

  • nowwhat?
    I feel the same way. I know where you are coming from. Petezahut makes good point too. That's why I have been inactive for 3 years
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I am an active JW but??????

    I am an active ISIS but.

  • joe134cd
    From time to time when I read experiences like yours. I have to wonder how it dosnt do your head in. I honestly thought I could play the same game, accepting TTATT while been an active witness. 18 months later and I was gone.
  • Damascus

    I am still an active JW but I am in transition and going thru a stage of detaching. I'm there but not there. Difficult to explain really as it is all like a nightmare where I am trying to separate the truth from lies. I dread meetings because I cant stomach the rubbish spouted out as being scriptural when I know it isn't. makes me want to throw up or scream but I look around my congregation and I feel such pity for them. Not in a superior way at all but it shouldn't be like this. The org is sowing such paranoia and distrust among us all. The elders are like hunters watching for any who they can 'behead' and throw their authority to crush them. It is really ugly what is happening. People put heir trust in the C.O. visit to sort it all out but he is just part of the machine and can't/wont do anything.

    When I go on doors I just try to get people to look for themselves in the bible to see if there is anything positive in there for them. I discuss what they believe and their opinion because they can teach me and explore together what is important for them. To me we are all equally God's creation and on the same level and I don't invite ppl to the hall and I don't bring up JW teachings on most topics. If anyone talks about the blood issue etc I would say that I don't see where it says that in the bible and I know that soon I will get chucked out for having a different interpretation. I have a choice; keep silent and live a lie or quietly say and do what I believe and be thrown away.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Greetings D, check out these links you may find something you like. I DA'ed a couple months ago and consider my self as simply a Biblical Christian. Easy and straightforward like Jesus said it should be. Enjoy and let me know :

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    D, I left for the very same reasons you stated above. The March 15 2015 WT was pivotal for me, as the GB was pointed to ad nauseam in that issue right at the very moment I though I could go back and sift through things like you are trying to do. I can't handle it and at the last assembly promptly had a panic attack during the WT review. DONE and GONE
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Damascus:What if you knocked on our door with a JW member who still believe, how

    would the conversation go? Lets say you are working that day with an pioneer and you come to my

    door and I tell you is not Jehovahs organization, I know because I was a elder.

  • Alive!

    I feel for your torment - I do agree that the's culture creates paranoia, lack of trust and all manner of unhealthy behaviours amongst JWs.

    Once your ears tune into the 'manipulative' language used in the literature - you realise you are not hearing the voice of Christ, but a different voice....the illustrations, the 'real life' stories - it wasnt a cynical heart that started to feel ill at ease with the nature of their communication to us and the world - it was a heart that actually hurt because I knew it was wrong, something was terribly wrong.

    It sounds to me, like you know in your heart where this is heading - keep building on your inner strength - and if at times you feel overwhelmed by fear of what comes next - keep firm and ask yourself, would I wish this burden of conflict on anyone? It will help you to straighten up and face the music.....

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    I don't do much ministry but when I do I just use the bible and no publications.

    You're on your way out which is where you should be.

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