Frank 75 thinks he knows me....

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  • FreeCanadian

    Just out of curiosity, I searched my father's name on Google. To my surprise some dude with the user name Frank75 had posted a detailed opinion of my father, brother and myself way back on October 18th, 2006. As for my father and brother, they are not my concern, but I truly don't appreciate my name used in false assumptions and inaccurate information. I have been an exJW for 17 years. My father and brother are still asleep in the religion. That is their problem. As for myself, I find in disconcerting when I read about my private/family life on social media. It is hard enough to recover from a cult, without having some exJW slam me on one of these sites with his slander and lies. The post was entitled Circuit Overseer Visit - by Zico. If you could kindly remove this post, I would appreciate it. And as for Frank are the one that sounds like a moron.

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