Who the devil tested Jesus?

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    Some time ago I created a Study that I named: "The Devil Who Tested Jesus".

    I have rewritten it into a form that might possibly make it attractive for a publication (please do not read WTS into that). I have thus reformatted it and reduced the word count by two-thirds.

    I am looking to your collective skills and knowledge for any criticism, including: spelling; grammar; structure; argument; whatever.




  • Atlantis

    Doug Mason:

    Thank you for your contribution, and it is so good to be reading your posts once again. Keep em coming!


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Thank you Atlantis.

    There were few voices and few resources when I started on my "expose the Watchtower Society" crusade in 1964. That situation continued for some decades, although the voices gradually grew louder and information started to proliferate. Today there is such a wide exposure of the Organization, that I felt the need to move on.

    Using the skills I had developed, I decided that I would apply the same principles to a far broader sphere. By 1990, I had moved from being a over-exuberant Christian to a Skeptic, and then to a Doubter. Finally, I decided that no longer could I accept any form of supernatural superstition.

    This freedom enabled me to examine the Jewish writings (yes the NT is Jewish) with fresh eyes. Without any need to defend any creed, I was and am able to objectively look at their writings in the context of the times each document was written and edited (redacted). I have the advantage that my heritage is Jewish (family members, including grandparents, being victims of the Shoah), so I cannot rightly be accused with anti-Semitism.

    With my reset mind, I wanted to document the evolution of Jewish/Christian soteriology from the time of the Hebrews through to the 21st century. Each of the 4 Parts that I have created comprises at least 200 pages.

    The gap in my series on Soteriology is with the Second Temple Period. This is the time that laid the foundations of primitive Christianity. I believe this Study will take me at least 12 months to complete. I have mapped out a scaffolding and I can send that to you if you were interested.

    Then all things came to a screeching halt at the end of October 2018. Faced with a minor health issue, I thought that it was my duty to our 4 children and 12 grandchildren (and theirs) that I document my 78 (so far) years. That is now almost complete, with a 64 minute video of hundreds of photos plus a 100-page photobook.

    With that out of the way, it is back with the nose-to-the-keyboard to complete my Study into the Second Temple Period. Unfortunately one effect of the medical treatment, which will end in a few weeks, is that it shreds short-term memory, commonly known as "chemo brain".

    So if I appear to have been quiet, I hope I have explained my situation.

    No, I do not want any wishes in regards to my health. This cancer is not going to kill me.



  • smiddy3

    I haven`t yet read " Who the devil tempted Jesus " but I do look forward to reading it.

    I always appreciate your contributions to this forum Doug giving it a Jewish perspective ,after all the Bible IS really a set of Jewish books isnt it and not a Christian set of books.

    Take care.

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