Archbisop jailed in Australia

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  • zeb
  • no-zombie

    You beat me Zeb .... :). I've just read it and thought it would be an interesting post too. It's good news for the victims of child abuse here in Australia, but bad news for those who do not want to cooperate in bringing criminals to justice. I hope the Australia branch committee members get the message.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    This is history in the making! First ever according to Aus news.

    Need I say, we'd all love to see the same for JW's.

  • MightyV8
    "We have made history here in Australia

    I hope this sentence makes the elders in Australia start shitting bricks

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Can you imagine being an elder in Australia and then seeing this?! But even scarier if the poor sole coverup a pedo case. Man I couldn't sleep at night. I remember one of the reasons for stepping down as an elder was the child abuse letters that came out to the elders. It just made no sense to have to call legal dept when the cops would do just fine.

  • careful

    The article says the sentence is to 12 months of home detention, not jail, and that some of the victims were disappointed in that.

  • smiddy3

    Of course its too early to blow your trumpet in victory as he could and will very likely appeal the decision of the court and it could drag on for years if it eventually went before the High Court of Australia which is a possibility.

    Having said that it still is a significant victory that could/should open the way for many other cases to be found in favour of victims of Child sexual abuse where Clergy/Priests/Elders have failed to report such abuse and covered it up in their respective institutions to be charged and convicted as this Archbishop Wilson no less a senior member of the Roman Catholic Church of Australia. was.

    I think we would all like to see the Elders of the Jehovah`s Witnesses face the same charges given that their were over 1000 Judicial cases by Elders of Child Sexual abuse that were never reported to Law Enforcement`s /Police or Child Welfare Authorities and was in effect covered up by the religion.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    HQ response: See! the courts are persecuting us, it means Armageddon is near.

    No it doesn't, it means that the JW organisation are a deluded cult which cares not a fig for human welfare even of its own members. The only thing which matters in JW land is the superficial appearance of Biblical correctness and money.

    I recall some fitting words from somewhere about whitewashed graves...............

  • lastmanstanding

    “In a victory for the Catholic Church, Archbishop Philip Wilson was exonerated and given a home rest sabbatical of one year to recover from his trials and persecutions. The prosecution was pushing for the death sentence for the charges trumped up against him. But the lawrd was with Father Wilson who now rests at home, attended to hand and foot by his flock.

    We wish the good Father a speedy recovery so that he can get back to his job as soon as possible.

    Because ‘noooobody does it better...’

  • zeb

    The Archbishop Wilson was found guilty of a crime many JW elders have done down the years that is concealing sex abuse of children. The cases at the ARC brought this out with complete clarity.

    Consider this, the Archbishop most likely had a powerful legal team supplied by the church. Imagine the plight of any elder charged with the same charges as the Archbishop how good a legal team would the wts come up with?

    that is........if they...

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