Copyright of 'Crisis of Conscience'

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  • AntiEntropy


    I hope to translate CoC into a foreign language.

    Who can own the copyright of that meaningful book?

    I've tried to reach 'Commentary Press' with all the ways I can use, but I've not been able to communicate with anyone so far.

    This project is not a commercial one but I hope to make sure of the copyright thing.

    Any help will be appreciated!


  • slimboyfat

    Which language, can I ask? Do you know how to translate the phrase "can of worms" into the target language?

  • AntiEntropy

    slimboyfat - Into Korean...

    This picture can answer to your 2nd question ^^;;

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Debra Dykstra is the copyright owner.

    Send a pm to Newly Enlightened. She's been in contact with Debra.

  • AntiEntropy


    Did you want to imply the complex situation of copyright of CoC by asking me to traslate the idom, "can of worms"? Did you?

    If then, I disunderstood your question. My wife conjected in that way.

  • awake living free
    awake living free

    'A can of worms' you no doubt have come to appreciate the saying AntiEntropy. Do you have a similar saying in korean that translates?

    The time and effort you put into translating CoC and getting it out there is highly commendable and i hope it helps many more wake up.


  • mana11

    Is this book available yet,?.

    I cannot understand what is taking so long, Jesus!,, even in AFRICA i could have it published faster than this!.

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