JW's are indeed extremists...

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  • HereIgo

    The current Russia ban on JW's accusing them of extremism got me thinking. At first, I disagreed, only because I am used to our constitutional rights here in the U.S. and feel that individuals should be able to practice whatever religion they prefer, even if I disagree with the teachings. However, I started thinking of the ways that JW's are in fact extremists and perhaps should be banned. Of course, while an active JW, I never thought of their practices as extreme, but rather justified by scripture, I am sure most of us thought the same.

    1. Your own family will allow you to die as a result of refusing a blood transfusion, even children. This is such a horrible practice it makes me sick that I even used to have the POA blood card in my wallet smh.

    2. Absolutely no friends of contact with the world unless required such as the workplace. If this doesn't befit the definition of a cult, I don't know what would. Again, this is isn't something you think about too much as a JW, but it really is creepy to avoid association with honest, good people just because they don't go to a brown building 2-3 times a week like you do.

    3. No further education. Despite the fact that JW's have been incorrect about the end of the world numerous times and indirectly held numerous JW's back from pursuing advanced education, I'm surprised witnesses continue to even follow this advice. It seems like the Org has softened their stance on this issue in recent times, but high secular education is still subliminally discouraged.

    4. SHUNNING. This is my #1 issue with the Organization. We have all shunned people and thought it was normal. I cant believe I participated in such a thing, shunning my own friends because they made a mistake. Ignoring them for up to a year as they sat in the back row of the hall, embarrassed. The Jesus of the Bible would not support this, I am sure of it. The worst is when parents don't speak to their children or vice versa for decades, I used to know an elder who has never even met his grandchildren before. How do they justify this? I suppose it is just brainwashing at its finest. I am glad to be away from it.

    This cult is definitely an extremist group. Any other twisted ways you can think of regarding the Org?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Agree - the WTS is an extremist group.

    Some don't regard JWs as extremists because they're non-violent. Well, I don't think that's good enough.

    Refusing a blood transfusion for your child is extreme - there's no two ways about it.

    Believing that God will soon destroy all human governments and replace them with his own is extreme.

    And like you said above, shunning is extreme.

    The WTS isn't a regular charity. They operate under the name of charity and use it as a cover for their activities, like some Muslim terrorist-supporting groups do. Governments should revoke the WT's charity status, no more government funding.

  • dogon

    They are in fact a cult and a radical cult. The seclude their members not by pulling them to some compound but by making them self segregate from society.

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  • Dreamerdude

    There are many twisted things in the org, but the four areas you listed offer the best proof. In my opinion the Russian government's case was strongest when they called the two exjw witnesses, the woman who was shunned for escaping an abusive relationship, and the man who suffered from missing out on a good education.

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