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  • Salley

    Hi! i am not a jw, but know a jw family. Seem very loving and happy. I have come to know the religion and have researched via this site,youtube, reddit etc. however recently i came accross some sad information.

    I know of 2 family members who died in this family but i didn't ask why as that would be inappropriate right, however recently i came across a tribute video on Fb and curiosity caused me to lurk. My heart stopped in its tracks when i read this comment:

    "Shame on WT for not allowing his funeral in the KH. Extra burden for the family of so many years of service. And shame On WT for mentally pushing him to his end. Shunning,even a 2nd time, is Suicide. RIP aaa, bbb, ccc and all those WT have pushed to suicide. Cut out family, cut out life. For the WT's victims of suicide"

    As a non jw this is just so sad to read. please share your thoughts.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome to the forum Salley as you say you are not and I presume never a JW is that right.?

    Shunning of any family member who has been baptized whether it is for leaving the religion or talking against the beliefs of the religion no matter how old you were when you were baptized 8-10 years old the same penalty applies .You are ostracized until you go through normally a year of grovelling to the elders in how repentant you are of your sin in questioning the Governing Body or committing some sin as smoking cigarettes .

    Suicide ? I have known a few who have committed suicide because of this religion and I will leave it up to others to fill you in on this sad aspect as I have been out more than 25 years now.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome to the forum Salley.

    As you have quickly discovered, J.W.'s and their organization have two faces - one of piety and self-righteousness for the world to see, and the other which screams 'cult.'

    One of their favourite scriptures is John 13:35 - "By this all will know that you are my disciples - if you have love among yourselves.”

    However, in practice this is translated as "if you have conformity among yourselves.”

    Rank & file JW's are positively fearful and forbidden from openly voicing any concerns about their dictatorship's interpretations or practices.

    Thankfully, active apostates are more common than suicides.

  • scratchme1010

    As a non jw this is just so sad to read. please share your thoughts.

    It is sad indeed, but it's still their choice.

  • millie210

    In this religion you must act happy lest you be viewed as not faithful enough. This leads to a perfunctory pleasant facade that is quite pleasing to look upon at first glance.

    It is superficial though and there is a lot of sadness and anxiety lurking under the surface.

    Think of this religion as an iceburg floating on the oceans surface. There is what you see (sometimes quite majestic and beautiful) and then there is what is underneath, the larger, more jagged part.

    This is the part that the public does not know about. You can learn about that large mass of convoluted teachings here on this site though if you are interested.

    Glad you are here.

  • Giordano

    Welcome to this forum.

    As you have probably noted by now this is a forum frequented by ex JW's or those who are still in (because of family) but mentally out. Or those who are questioning the beliefs.

    The sins of the JW organization are as follows:

    Obedience is more important then faith.

    No life saving blood transfusions. At least 10-00 people die each year.....needlessly.

    Higher education is discouraged. No need as the end of this world is coming.

    Everyone in the world who is not a baptized JW will die at Armageddon. Or at least most likely to die.

    Getting Baptized means a life long contract even if you are as young as 8 years old. Teens get caught up in the social life of their fellow JW teens and get baptized. Kids being kids will often experiment with sex, drugs or dangerous actions. When this is exposed they are disfellowshiped and shunned. Leaving their families behind at age 18. The shunning last's for a lifetime if they are not repentant.

    There are some 40 reasons to disfellowship a person which are kept hidden in the Elder's manual which is called......Shepard The Flock. It is so secrete that women are not asked to assemble the loose pages.

    If there is a baptized male in the room who is not capable of offering a prayer before a Bible Study or meeting.. ..a sister who will give the prayer must cover her head with a napkin or whatever is at hand.

    The Elders will not consider any action against a child molester if there isn't two witnesses to the crime. In fact they consider sexual Child abuse a sin more then a crime and will not report it to the police. They will however call the police immediately if their Kingdom Hall is abused in any way.

    The Elders protect their own.....they seldom punish family members.

    All of the love shown to members is conditional. Families are destroyed when one family member no longer believes in the this religion.

    While they support your freedom to become a JW They do not support your freedom from their religion.

    Hence forums like this one.

  • dubstepped

    Watchtower pushes many to suicide. I was close once. I knew of at least three others, probably more if I think about it. They just take and take and the only ways out involve losing everything you've ever known because they isolated you. It's much like any abusive relationship, only multiplied in size and influence.

    Let's review.... It's a CULT!!!

  • LongHairGal


    All the above posters’ experiences and opinions about the religion are very accurate.

    What I can add is that I was a single working woman there and I was viewed very negatively and refused to be targeted by the users there... I followed my gut instincts though, held onto my job and ignored their criticism. I walked away from the JWs years ago and am now retired.

    Welcome to the forum!

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