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  • wizzstick


    On a Ex-JW FB group this post went up in December. Been meaning to copy and paste it on here. The OP on FB said they were happy for it to be shared:

    Yesterday a couple of us in this group met up with a BBC investigations correspondent who was involved in the original Panorama program in 2002. He and a colleague, both very experienced investigative journalist who have worked on high level programs would like to do a followup to the original program.

    He asked if anything had changed in the way JWs handle abuse since the program, and we were able to give him information about the Australian Royal Commission, the Charity Commission and all the abuse cases in the media since then. Sadly no change in policy from JWs and in fact with the shunning element it has got worse.

    He was quite shocked and fired up and his wanting to 'doorstep' elders who will not get involved in giving evidence was quite reassuring. However, although this request for a future program came from them, he and his colleague must 'sell' the idea and show the need for it, and he asked for our help. They need cases of abuse that have been mishandled :i.e not reported to the police or where an abuser went on to abuse others. Because of the nature of the program, they need people who are willing to go on camera with their story. A further caveat at the start is that since this will be handled by BBC Scotland, if at least one case comes from Scotland they have a better chance of getting the program started and will move to cases further afield.

    He has given permission for victims to contact him and then maybe decide later if you feel able to continue with the program, but as I think you will appreciate.....this is a great opportunity not to be missed if at all we can provide source material. If you think what happened to you could show that JWs are still the same and you dont mind speaking about it, he would like to hear from you.

    Right now he is involved in investigative matters regarding another abuse scandal at football clubs so is busy but wants to get started on our situation and feels it might be March or April when realistically he can do something,but it wont happen if we cannot provide cases where there is evidence so if you could think about it, talk to anyone who you might know would be willing to come forward, he would be grateful.

    He is Mark Daly and his email is

    If there are any ex-JW's that would be ok to share their stories on camera then contact the journalist above.

    The 2002 documentary is up on You Tube if you wish to see it:" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

  • stuckinarut2

    Hopefully the ARC findings will be included in such a report!

  • scratchme1010

    Thanks. I'll pass this along to some people that may be interested.

  • smiddy

    Lets keep this post highlighted for the next couple of months so that the more people who are exposed to it the more chance some people will come forward and participate in this BBC program ,its a great opportunity to get the message out their that nothing really has changed since 2002 and more victims just keep getting abused .

  • Simon

    I think the angle that these issues had already been uncovered and highlighted and how they since double-downed on cover-ups and denials is a good one (good in journalistic terms).

    Hopefully they will make a follow up to show how the WTS went backwards in it's protections but they don't have the excuse of ignorance or naivety anymore - they were told all these things and did nothing, less than nothing, they made things worse.

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