The Photo-drama of Creation.

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    If anyone is interested in Russell's the Photo-drama of Creation here's a link to the text and picture slides.

  • careful

    Thanks, Lost.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Me and my sister went thru the pictures. Such Nudity! Such Lies! Such outright nonsense! My favorite was the belief of rings around the earth. Did you know that when the volcanic rock the earth is made of was hot, it pushed water and minerals into the atmosphere and became a "ring" around the earth? When the earth cooled, the centrifical force pulled it back to the earth..?

    There was also a nice illustration of a flying pyramid with I think, God at the top.

    You could also get a free lapel pin that showed you were a pax supporter. If you wore it you could get a discount on a bible so instead of $5 you payed $1.18 for it.

    And did you know that the I.B.S.A. was there in the first congregations? Yes, they even have a picture of that! (IBSA - international bible students association)

  • OrphanCrow

    LostintheFog, Russell's Photodrama of Creation is also available for download at



    Film: (96 videos)

    In April 1917, the Society/org lost its licence to show moving pictures in Ontario Canada, and thus became the very first instance of provincial movie censorship in Canada. By this time, Russell was an unpopular person with Canadian authorities - who had not allowed Russell to enter Canada in April, 1916 - and after Russell's death in 1916, the Photodrama was still shown in Canada but only for a short time.

    For an account of how and why the Photodrama was censored in Canada, Gary Botting gives more detail in his book Fundamental Freedoms and Jehovah's Witnesses (from Chapter 2, page 17):

    Many of the objections voiced against the Bible Students were, like Scott’s letter, directed specifically against Russell himself, and therefore when Russell died in October 1916, much of the ammunition with which the Chief Press Censor and others had been arming themselves was effectively neutralized. Nonetheless, the charisma of Russell outlasted him, for he appeared in film in the popular Photo-Drama of Creation to audiences that were not used to seeing motion pictures: The quality of the Photo-Drama photography and sound was so good that some viewers thought C.T. Ruscell was present in person when he appeared on the screen in the opening scene to introduce the presentation. The mixed media production, released initially in 1914, was one of the most prescient and effective preaching techniques used by the Bible Students at the time-an eight-hour event combining cinematography, slides and cartoons, in colour, with a parallel sound-track incorporating music and narration on separate phonograph records. The Photo-Drama was shown from coast to coast, from Halifax to Victoria. In Hamilton, it was presented for three weeks to full houses at the Grand Opera House. Thousands of Canadians saw it. Yet at the local level, there were rumblings of discontent that the Bible Students could show moving pictures on a Sunday. The clergy in particular complained that the Bible Students, by showing the Photo-Drama on Sundays, often drew curious parishioners away from their regular church services. The Guelph Town Council passed a by-law specifically aimed at the PhotoDrama which stated that “no moving pictures be allowed to be shown on Sunday, except for war purposes.” But the theatre manager had a provincial licence that allowed him to show film on Sunday, and the mayor and Town Council were forced to back down. Russell had been replaced as president of the Watch Tower Society by an equally dynamic leader, J.F. Rutherford, who in April 1917 gave a stirring speech in the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto urging Christians not to take up arms. In response, the Provincial Treasurer of Ontario, T.W. McGarry, cancelled the organization’s moving-picture licence, thereby curtailing the Bible Student presentations of the PhotoDrama in Ontario. It was the first example of provincial censorship of movies to be experienced in Canada.
  • Tobyjones262

    I made a tee shirt out of the old poster. I love the art work. And if anyone talks to me about it I can tell them its a crazy cult. This is a pic of one of the transfers I have not put on yet.

  • slimboyfat

    I like the bit where it supports evolution.

  • OrphanCrow
    OrphanCrow wonder Russell was accused of plagiarism by his critics.

    This is the image from the Photodrama of Jesus in the garden:

    This is the painting that Heinrich Hofmann painted circa 1890:

    Related image

    And....just for fun, this is the same painting in a paint-by-number format that I found years ago at a thrift store. I added the dinosaur to the top of the frame and called it "Who's My Daddy?"

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Almost 90% of the pictures are lifted from other sources. The crappy ones are made by the "artist" of the WT. Like all of the earth being made ones.

    It's hilarious how pictures showing the nephilum takes place in a building that looks Italian, early bible characters are in Renaissance clothing. Especially funny is the picture of "Adam idealized" because he looks and dresses renaissance and it is the same picture that is used for Jesus later on (with a little tweaking)

  • sparky1

    Is it a coincidence that this image of "Peaceable Kingdom" from the Photo Drama has pyramids in the background or is it shameless self promotion for Pastor Russell's Pyramidology beliefs?

  • Newly Enlightened

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