There is some pretty incredible people out there in the "world"

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    I am a fan of a video came called SimCity and other building games like Cities Skylines and the such also Legend of Grimrock. Anyway, as I watch others plays these games on YouTube I have noticed that there are some pretty intelligent people out there. How others can solve the puzzles way better than I can on Legend of Grimrock and how they can build cities in ways that I had not thought of at all. Really awesome cities too.

    Also, there narrative in the video is of a very high quality. These are all "worldly people", and yes they are all very intelligent. They are very creative and have ways that get millions of subscribers and views.

    And then I get to the point of this all. We are told at the Kingdom Hall that a theocratic education is the best education. But I think down in my heart of hearts that people really aren't getting that education at all. They are just TOLD that they are and that it's the best, but that's it.

    When you think of all the smart people of the world, how come NONE of them are Witnesses, anywhere? None, not one ever that I heard of, and you? Do you know of anyone who was a witness who invented something or contributed to humanity in a large way that was recognized? I haven't, not one. But we are all educated the best? No, I think not.

    Just my thoughts...

  • schnell

    Some might suggest Prince, but everyone knows he was Prince before he was the JW known as Prince.

  • smiddy

    The Williams sisters are worth Millions of $$$$$

    George Benson must be worth a quid or two. Prince certainly was......$$$$$$

    The Governing Body of JW`s by now are worth Billions of $$$$ via Real Estate , Investments ,Stocks ,and off shore accounts in Tax free havens.Not to mention contributions ,Wills left to them ,sales from publications ,Tax evasions due to their dubious charitable status in various countrys,Etc.Etc ,

    I`m sure their are a few more I have left out that they are raking in millions $$$$ from.

    Not to mention getting volunteer labour to build KH`s and then selling them off for a profit after a few years ,waiving loans to KH`s and then conning them in to giving that same amount back indefinetly .

    LTPF , you may not agree but I think that equates to being "smart" in this world as far as making money is concerned .

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Yes, that's true. I just never thought of it that way. And I hate them all for it.

    Edit: That one part about forgiving the KH loans and then asking back "whatever you can donate" forever part literally makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    I think the current GB are not so smart at all. They are like spoiled heirs squandering away the fortune their (grand)parents Russell, Rutherford and Knorr amassed by being smart.

    Yet even these guys....Look it may be smart to make money of off gullible people. But being só gullible that you even believe your own fairy tales...that's an incredible level of stupid.

    As drug dealers say: Never use your own product ;-)

    Edit: I think all smart stuff in JW land (like the different money grabs) were not dreamt up by the GB, but by the lawyers. Possibly not even JW but worldy sharks.

  • Tallon

    Hank Marvin - lead guitarist with The Shadows.

    Not sure if he made £/ $ millions however, he must have earned a comfortable living.

    Main thing is; he influenced many, many guitarists throughout the world with his unique style of playing.

  • tepidpoultry

    I know the occasional JW self made millionaire

    but it wasn't their Theocratic EducationTM that did it

    And they also didn't PioneerTM


  • smiddy

    Actually the actor ,the musician ,sportsman ,athelete who professes to be a JW and makes it to the top of their profession actually goes against the policy of the religion they profess to belong to.

    Do we ever hear of the G,B.distancing themselves from such persons ? No never.

    Are they ever sanctioned from making known they are JW`s or associated with JW`s I dont believe so.They want the publicity.

    The r&f members are counselled even sanctioned about making a name for oneself or setting oneself up as an Idol or competing with anyone ,yet if anyone does achieve that position the rules seem to change and nothing is done about it or to the persons involved.

  • schnell

    My mom often repeated a rumor that Stephen King is a DF'd witness. I have read some of his memoir, searched through the e-book, and I can't find anything to suggest that.

    Good call on Hank Marvin, @Tallon. You could add Larry Graham as well for slap bass.

    The fact is: If you are a creative JW, your creativity is going to be stifled. You have to do all things for Jehovah. Can you write a book that portrays evil? Can you even have a single character get murdered? Can you ever do anything without Jehovah looking over your shoulder?

    This is exactly why I had a few JW friends who are creative people who were considering pseudonyms. How terrible is that? "Yes, I'm afraid to use my real name, because I have this Zombie apocalypse story about a boy wizard, and it might get me separated from my family because we're in a cult."

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