AUS: The Daily Telegraph (Print): Jehovah‘s fail young

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    It's now just past 8.15am on Tuesday morning in Sydney, Australia

    The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) Newspaper, Tuesday 29 November 2016 - and the front page headline screams: ""Splash & Burn - Cash meant for hero volunteers goes up in smoke."

    On page 11, in the middle of the far left-hand side column (ie next to the middle fold), and on a page some what dominated by an almost full page article title "Scurvy Ahoy!" (which is flagged up on the front page BTW) and illustrated by a rather dominating picture/painting of the Commander of the First Fllet Captain Arthur Philip is the following headline and article:

    Jehovah‘s fail young

    Children are not adequately protected from the risk of sexual abuse in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a royal commission has found.

    The organisation relies on outdated policies and practices, including a 2000-year-old two-witness rule, and its weak internal sanctions leave perpetrators at large, the child abuse royal commission said.

    The commission found the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ general practice was to not report child sex abuse allegations, a serious failure to provide for the safety and protection of children.

    The commission said the organisation relied on outdated policies and practices that were, by and large, wholly inappropriate and unsuitable in child sex abuse cases.

    The above print article does not seem to appear online on their website which instead is running the following, more in-depth and longer article:

    Jehovah's Witnesses children at risk: RC

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