Zone visit Australia?

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  • stuckinarut2

    Anyone else at this Zone Visit?

    More higher education bashing, with an embellished "experience".....

    More quoting prov 4:18 out of context.

    Faithful and discreet slave definitions etc....

    All the new "understandings" since 2012.....

    We are already in the great tribulation...?

    It is like the past never happened, and should be wiped from memory!

    Is this a completely new organisation?

  • xjwsrock

    Are you serious?

    Did they say that we are in the great trib?

    We all knew the day was coming.......but I figured they would keep that one in their pocket for awhile longer.

  • Listener
    What was the talk about the GT?
  • freddo
    Well Geoff Jackson had a bit of tribulation didn't he?
  • stuckinarut2

    He quoted articles that said that things do not need to get any worse, nor do problems have to afflict every person on earth for the "tribulation" to begin. Problems are already bad enough, so it will be "anytime very soon" that Jehovah will take action. The "tribulation" is already here on the earth.

    Also, how we won't have to feel sorry for those that "took no note" when destruction comes ....

  • jookbeard
    any recordings ? wait for the "egg on face to appear" what about governments turning on religions? the cry of peace and security etc?
  • atomant
    Maybe its the beginning of the overlapping tribulation.
  • oppostate
    Maybe its the beginning of the overlapping tribulation.

    Good one!

    Whatta bunch of bullocks these Orwellian fear-mongers keep coming up with.

    The hubris of the WT is astounding.

    But their path is increasingly darkening not becoming brighter. (Prov 4:18)

    And, I do hope the ARC proves to be a major tribulation for this sickening 0rganization.

  • skin

    Do not listen to the outside noise, stay focused on keeping up with jehovahs fast moving org. Blessing that blethlites have experienced since moving from bethel shows jehovah is blessing these ones and more.

    And the usual do not make any recordings or video stream this talk at the start.

  • DesirousOfChange

    And the usual do not make any recordings or video stream this talk at the start.

    Well that makes sense doesn't it? They wouldn't want the Good News being revealed to be widely publicized! That might defeat their purpose. WTF?

    Image result for now that makes sense


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