Australia TV's Bride & Prejudice’s Forbidden Wedding Dilemma

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  • darkspilver

    It's a world away from the dating shows and cooking competitions commercial TV networks are stacking their schedules with right now. But on Channel 7's Bride & Prejudice, we meet couples whose families are dead set against their relationships. And it's a heartbreaker....

    It was at love at first sight for Sydney couple Chris, 39, and Grant, 32. Grant's parents have always accepted his homosexuality; however Chris's parents have struggled and remain uncomfortable with his way of life. Chris, who was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, realised he was gay when he was five. His parents, Yvonne and Geoff, object but for different reasons....

    Grant (left) and Chris,

  • Spoletta

    Love and commitment are the two foundations of a happy marriage. If two people share those values, what difference does sex have to do with it? It's sad that families can't accept that because of prejudice.

    Besides, I think Grant and Chris are a fabulous looking couple!

  • jambon1

    Homophobia is so outdated, bigoted and causes needless unhappiness.

    Religion is obsessed with what other people are doing with their boabies and fannys.

  • darkspilver

    Tuesday 21 February 2017 - Sydney KIIS FM Radio

    Radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O interviewed Chris and Grant - and Chris revealed: “Religion gives my mum structure in her life - she found it when she was a bit of a wild child. No-one knows this, but my mum actually used to work in gay bars, back in the day.”

    Click here to listen to the interview in FULL

    Interview from 1:09:00 - above quote and discussion is from 1:12:30

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