Judge Rutherford's religion the Jehovah's Witnesses a unbiased analytical review

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  • Finkelstein

    Back in 1931 the head executive leader of the WTS. J. Rutherford made a new name for the organization which he personally was the top orchestrated leader and called it the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    He also proclaimed that the organization was replicated the first century disciples of Jesus Christ in preaching the New Kingdom to come. Made the doctrine that Jesus had taken his heavenly position in 1914 and that the end times started since that year and that Armageddon therefore was to come within a generation of 1914.

    Well in reality the 1914 doctrine was a false teaching since Jesus himself said that no one knows of the time and admonished his followers to not set a time upon god's own sacred time.

    In doing what Rutherford did and the man who preceded him C T Russell was actually an act of scriptural apostasy accord to the bible and the words of Jesus Christ..

    These men held onto these doctrines for their own lifetime and the majority of those doctrines are to held by practicing JWS today.

    These were the core doctrines which the organization built up itself since its inception but they were obviously not inline with truthful bible interpretation, they were inline with those men's self made doctrines which were no doubt influenced by their own literature proliferation agenda.

    One could say then that the people who were ever involved with the WTS/JWS and publicly distributed the WTS's literature were themselves enacting in sinful behavior or apostasy.

  • Giordano

    You know even to this day they have to say Jehovah God because people hardly associate the name Jehovah with God.

    Talk about failing to have a 'truthful bible interpretation'. Being a witness for Jehovah better known as YHWH, was mentioned once in the OT as a directive to Isiah.

    However being a witness for Jesus was mentioned 22 or 23 times in the NT.

    At this point in time Jehovah has become a pet within the WTBTS. Like a back yard dog he is sad or happy with you............wants to be helpful, but will bite you at times.

    As the JW God, he can keep you safe, not hardly. He can help you find your keys or lay down a twenty dollar bill that you really needed. It even turns out he can get you a job.

    And when he calls for another mass murder 'extermination' of humanity.....you get to rake up the bones...maybe.

  • Finkelstein

    The leaders of the WTS. created and propagated a false commercalzied Gospel which didn’t have Scriptural support and proclaimed themselves the Faithful Slave carrying out Jah’s will and purpose .

    In reality they were false prophets who lured in others toward distributing their false teachings.

  • Vidiot
    Finkelstein - "He also proclaimed that the organization was replicated the first century disciples of Jesus Christ..."

    That gives me a chuckle these days, considering that Jesus and his Disciples essentially practiced a slightly reformed Judaism. :smirk:

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