Real Estate turn over in Amqui, Québec

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    So, the Jehovah`s witnesses sold a Kingdom hall that used to be a little too big and started to build a new one a few streets away:

    What I find absolutely ridiculous is that they could have taken the profit of the sale of the first hall to have a contractor build the second. But no.. it is much better to take the evenings, weekends and vacation time of the volonteers.


  • DesirousOfChange

    it is much better to take the evenings, weekends and vacation time of the volonteers.

    You joke, but this is very true. The greatest way to attract and maintain membership is to keep people involved by making them feel needed. JWs feel GOOD about giving their time and effort and money to build a new facility. It makes them feel like they are helping to accomplish something. (You do NOT get that from the Field Ministry.)........DOC

  • scratchme1010


    Actually, smart... when you consider who/how they really are

  • StephaneLaliberte

    What I find ridiculous is that not one of these workers seem to wonder where their efforts are going into. When I was younger, I participated at some kingdom/convention hall constructions. Frankly, I don't regret the work I did: These places had nothing. So if you support a cause, what ever that is, that makes sense. What is absolute absurdity is to use the same FREE labor in areas who can sell a previous property to buy a new one, cash! Even when I was fully "in", I don't believe I would have ever done such a thing. Oh, and to make matters even more insulting, within the first month in that fully paid hall, they will explain how everyone should still contribute financially to the hall like everyone else in the country, you know, making them feel like they owe the money to some bank!

    Here is a thought: If I ever ended up helping with such a project, I would charge 30$ per hour. So, lets say I had worked a long weekend (3 days) that would be 24 hours (720$). Knowing that my regular monthly contribution would be 10$ per month, this means I would not give a dim to the contribution box for the next 6 years! Perhaps some of these volunteers have that logic... who knows.

  • prologos

    it does not look like the flowery branch model. will flat roof lines be out above the Mason/Dixie line?

  • GrreatTeacher

    Commercial buildings have flat rooves above the Mason-Dixon line. However, the construction is the much more expensive commercial type.

    I imagine it is ever more expensive the greater the snow load.

  • JHK

    We build today to sell tomorrow. The end is at hand!

    The Governing Body Bank

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