“Don’t read it, you moron!”

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  • TerryWalstrom

    “Don’t read it, you moron!”

    When I was 11 years old, I was sitting at my desk in homeroom class when the student on my left, Gregory, tapped me on my shoulder. He held a folded note in his hand and was gesturing for me to take it. He leaned toward my desk and whispered barely loud enough for me to hear, “Pass this note to Robbie.”

    Robbie was the girl sitting on my right.

    I took the note, unfolded it and read it just as Gregory punched my arm.
    A shout-whisper came along with the fist, “Don’t read it, you moron!”

    I sneakily picked up my pencil and scribbled one word of my own and passed the note to Robbie.

    You see, I had a crush on Robbie and so did Gregory Bunn.
    His note had read, “I really like you.” He signed it, “Greg”.

    I was more or less more interested in outcome; the end justifying the means.

    His 4 word message was there in the note: “I. . . really . . .like . . .you.”
    It was 100% transmitted.
    Each of his words had been 25% of the total meaning.
    I barely contributed an additional 20%.
    I had added the word “don’t” making it read, “I really don’t like you.”

    Imagine the conversation which followed.

    “Did you give her the note?”


    “Were all my words there?”


    “Okay, thanks.”

    “You’re welcome!”


    Acting as an agent is tricky business when you have your own agenda. _____________________

    Now watch as I segue from one intended communication to a more important one...

    The so-called Faithful and Discreet Slave has claimed to be Jehovah’s agent
    since the time of Pastor Russell.

    “Did you deliver my message?” Jehovah might well ask.

    “Yep, you bet--sure did!” Replies the Governing Body

    “Did you deliver it intact?” Jehovah further inquires.

    “Every word was there!” The over-eager GB answers discreetly.


    An indiscreet and unfaithful agent acting on behalf of the employer can create liability ruining the reputation and good standing of that employer.

    It only takes one careless chef to destroy a restaurant business.

    Question: Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses excuse the FDS for poisoning millions of people around the world who eat the “Food at the proper time?”
    It is Jehovah who is damaged and the “agents” get off without accountability.
    They never take the blame!

    JEHOVAH gets a diminished reputation and the rank and file members going door to door are stuck handling the blowback and collateral damage.

    The fact of the matter is clear. If the GB were FAITHFUL their predictions and interpretations would never err. If the GB were DISCREET they'd never cover up when caught out making False Prophecy. If the 'food' they dispense was "AT THE PROPER TIME" we have to ask how it is they end up publishing so many worthless prophetic fulfillments which remain empty and untimely? So, in view of this analysis, what should we recommend to a householder offered a publication from the Watchtower Organization? "DON'T READ IT, YOU MORON!"
  • Finkelstein

    Good analysis Terry

    The GB members and past presidents of the WTS. were really just faithful and loyal to themselves and the publishing house they operated and controlled, they created a commercialized and tainted preaching Gospel.

    From a theological perspective they ruin the chances of people to have an everlasting life by god's appeasement and approval by turning others into engaging false Prophets.

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