Are we pretending we live in a Disney movie?

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  • TerryWalstrom

    We may wish to believe we are living in a Happily Ever After world--a kind of Disney movie.
    As JW's we believed Jehovah controlled the outcome. All we had to do was follow our orders and all would end well...for us.
    Not anymore I don't.

    I am convinced Life brings with it the constant possibility of death and chaos simply because we live in a violent and ever-changing Universe.

    Stars explode, volcanos erupt, Tsunamis wipe out islands, parasites infect drinking water, mosquitos bring disease, and microscopic creatures are everywhere outside and INSIDE of us using us for their food!

    WE FOOL OURSELVES if we actually EXPECT life to be free of violence--even us against our own selves.

    2 out of every 100 people on Earth are Psychopaths. A fact. Deal with it or ignore it--it remains with us.

    Mental health statistics demonstrate that babies born to mothers who've taken certain drugs and lived certain lifestyles are HIGHLY susceptible to defects including chaotic brain development.
    That's not a BLAME, btw. It is merely an isolated fact on a long list. Deal with it or ignore it--it remains with us.

    America has written into law ownership of firearms and the result is about 12 million guns are sold each year. Deal with it or ignore it--it remains with us.

    50% of children come from divorced parents making it statistically more likely for those kids to have health problems, social problems, mental health problems, and incarceration.
    Deal with it or ignore it--it remains with us.

    What are you saying, Terry?

    We are like soldiers on a great battlefield: life itself is war.
    Soldiers must EXPECT violence and tragedy and DEFEND against the violence and extinction by cooperating intelligently day after day after day after day.

    Realistically examine the idea of life as a Disney movie or latter-day Bible story.
    Our problem REALLY IS GUNS-- but not guns alone.
    Both sides of political issues need to be opening their eyes on this.

    To wit:

    Can we stop divorce? No, you idiot.
    Can we stop alcohol and drug abuse by parents? No, you idiot.
    Can we stop the sale of guns? No, you idiot.

    We CAN counsel and aid charitably with humanitarian intentions.

    Can we end child poverty and give free mental health assistance to all Americans? YES!
    Can we provide higher minimum wages? YES!
    Can we provide free education to our kids? YES!

    BUT NOT by spending Billions on never-ending senseless WARS!
    We all know that.
    on weapons.

    What little we CAN DO....goes undone.

    We are left with what we Do do: rant ineffectively.
    I plead guilty as charged.

  • Finkelstein

    We own are own destiny and enduring living experience in this world of reality.

    We've been praying for the gods for involvement for help and direction but there's

    never been any evidence of them actually helping.

  • freemindfade

    Anyone coming to you promising utopia, beware.

  • TerryWalstrom

    It just struck me yesterday, reflectively, as a society we seem outraged at only CERTAIN KINDS of violence as though expecting things to remain more or less just the way we find comfortable.

    Our tax dollars have committed violence around the world and we did NOT vote on or demand those wars abroad.
    Because that money commits violent deaths out of our sight--it doesn't really (REALLY) bother us as much as local violence.

    Our Drones and bombs create collateral damage far greater than we care to imagine.
    Civilian deaths include babies, children, mothers, hospitals and general populations which want nothing much more than to live in peace.

    Why doesn't THIS bother us as much as a school shooting??
    Would it help if it did?
    We as a people would be outraged about war effectively enough to scare the shit out of people running for office.

    The outrage we waste could be put to better use.

    Imagine if we could have harnessed all the TRUMP outrage and pointed it at the warmongers in Congress.
    But no.
    We have our pet rants.
    Impeach Trump. Ban guns. Police the language and label our opponents with politically charged accusations...NONE OF WHICH does anything at all but keep us divided
    and IMPOTENT at really getting something done effectively.

    We are scattered like sheep festering in our blistering anger at the local wolf.
    Where are the real vigilantes who are politically activated to stop WAR?
    They vanished with my generation who became Republicans after protesting the Vietnam War. :)

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