The latest prophetic prediction! You heard it here first

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  • stuckinarut2

    Ok, so it’s not a JW prophetic prediction, but one from our “cousins” the Mormons (or as the latest president of their church Russel M Nelson prefers ‘the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints’)

    I reckon they will drop their ban on caffeine soon. They will change their long held beliefs about tea and coffee being wrong.

    watch this space! 😜

  • Listener

    Like the JWs, some Mormons question their beliefs and leave because of absurd teachings.

    I spoke to some Mormons regarding their tea and coffee ban. They did not know why it was banned and it wasn't the caffeine as they are allowed chocolate and coke. However, they said that their leaders had been given this instruction from God so they strictly followed it.

    I talked to my hem about polygamy and they said that at one time it was allowed for a short period, they didn't know why but they trusted that God had his reasons for it. God conveyed this to their leaders.

    My understanding is that they don't vote on these matters but Mormons are taught that they are conveyed to the leaders from God. In JW terms, they are inspired. With such power, it is surprising that they don't change more things.

    I wonder if they'll get rid of their magic underwear as well. After all they wouldn't want to get stubborn coffee stains on them.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    A Mormon woman I spoke to one time said she had the true religion be cause she had a testimony from God that it was the truth. Her testimony? She had 8 children. God gave them to her so she would know it was the truth. What about the members that are sterile? They are on their own, literally. What a dumb ass religion.

  • LV101

    Crazy - they are allowed to guzzle Coke now because they own a large percentage of the Coke co. or told they did. In the 70s they couldn't drink Coke or my Morman friend indicated it was against the rules. Yrs. ago one of their presidents banned ice cream because it was unhealthy. Its evolving -- whatever the psychopaths in charge throw out upon the flock. Morman cult is a very wealthy religion with highly educated adherents.

    Coffee -- WOW! That's a new gold tablet discovered by their leaders. They must be concerned about membership and trying to look more user friendly?

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