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    This article references another article:


    I have yet to meet anyone confused about Donald Trump.
    I haven’t met anybody who failed to have a precise understanding of what sort of person he is or what he stands for.
    On the street, the word on Trump has been consistent for many decades.
    He’s an attention-hungry buffoon.

    Going back as far as the 1990’s, Trump has been characterized in the Press and other media (without pushback on his part) as flamboyant, cocksure, crude, coarse, disingenuous, and arrogant. Few people are surprised to hear how a rich playboy surrounded himself with young, beautiful women, and often asserted his sexuality in shockingly inappropriate advances.

    Like many other billionaires, Trump believes everybody is entitled to hear his opinions. Especially on subjects about which he possesses no expertise other than to repeat outrageous scuttlebut and conspiracies.

    Having said all the above, it is difficult for me to accept the premise of any article which posits as its premise any suggestion the public at large is confused about the character, disposition or intentions of Donald Trump.

    Indeed, we don’t have to wonder about possible sources of confusion.
    Who is confused and who confused them?

    Let’s begin with the question: HOW did a person of Trump’s low character and disposition successfully become President of the United States?
    The losers have come up with a laundry list of self-contradictory explanations.
    Their reasons kept changing.

    Instead of blaming rigged primaries, the Democrats blamed Talk Radio.
    Instead of blaming policies on Globalization which sent jobs overseas, they blamed

    Jill Stein voters and miffed Sanders fans who chose to remain angry.

    Instead of blaming policies on Big Bank bailouts without prosecutions for fraud, they blamed blue collar workers as “deplorables, racists, bigots, white supremacists,” as though those people would ever turn around and vote for them after that smear.

    Instead of blaming F.B.I. director Comey for casting shade on Hillary’s possible prosecution for destroying subpoenaed evidence, they should have run an honest candidate, Bernie Sanders.

    They famously blamed the Russians and suddenly cast doubt on the legitimacy of Trump’s Presidency, threatening to impeach him while never accepting any real culpability for any failures on the part DNC leaders.
    The losing side is the source of any confusion as to how this happened!

    Let’s look at who else has confused us and put Trump in the White House.


    For one thing, without the one-sided coverage of Trump day and night on TV, free of charge, the public at large would have found themselves looking at standard candidates with appropriate backgrounds and experience as well as impressive credentials for the job.
    But no-o-o-o-o…

    Media fell in love with the public spectacle of Donald Trump as click bait. A means of revenue enhancement.

    Newspapers, cable news outlets, network TV--in short, mainstream media pumped Donald Trump into the bloodstream. Every pair of eyes 24/7 was treated to outrageous comments, scandalous insults, name-calling, transparent and often malicious ad hominem day and night--then, reaped the profits as their ratings soared higher and higher.
    Ask yourself how the American public got accustomed to Trump and his ill-mannered behavior if not for constant exposure to it UNTIL IT BECAME NORMALIZED like the sound of a wailing infant in the next room.

    Is that confusing?

    Perhaps a source of confusion is the very fact such professional journalists, media executives, newspaper Editors and owners failed so miserably to exercise prudent oversight for the sake of their integrity and the public good. For revenue, MEDIA created free publicity the size of which money can’t buy.
    Were they exercising Mind Control for profit?

    Democrat Party

    Should we be confused why the Democrat Party exercised undue influence against the very popular alternate candidate Bernie Sanders?
    Was the DNC exercising mind control to sway voters?

    According to the NYTimes in July of 2016, Top officials at the Democratic National Committee criticized and mocked Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont during the primary campaign, even though the organization publicly insisted that it was neutral in the race…”

    Bernie Sanders was wildly popular with college age voters and had generated astounding cashflow with grassroots small donation contributions. Yet, the DNC opposed him privately and sought shady methods of disrupting his campaign to give Hillary a clear path to the nomination even if illicit means were applied.

    Perhaps confusion should arise in the minds of Democrats as to why the chair of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, suggested targeting Bernie Sanders for a smear as “an atheist” to help Hillary in Kentucky and West Virginia with the Christian communities there. Is that an effort at Mind Control?

    Perhaps confusion should arise in the minds of Democrats as to why the chair of the DNC scheduled candidate debates between Clinton and Sanders at the least viewed weekend hours to minimize Sanders chances of showing Hillary up in front of voters.

    Perhaps confusion should arise in the minds of Democrats as to why Bernie Sanders’ complaint to the DNC about unfair treatment and their collusion with Clinton in fundraising, was met with false denials and pushback, later shown to be lies, accusing Sanders of saying false and harmful statements about the Democratic party.


    Perhaps the American public should be confused about why the DNC rejected Bernie Sanders and colluded to push a far less popular candidate, Hillary Clinton, when the polls as early as May 09, 2016 showed:

    • IBD/TIPP, April 28: Sanders defeats Trump by 12 points

    • USA Today/Suffolk, April 24: Sanders defeats Trump by 15 points

    • CNN/ORC, May 1: Sanders obliterates Trump by 16 points


    Indeed, we should all be confused when polls demonstrated later that same month:
    According to Real Clear Politics, Bernie Sanders defeats Donald Trump in an average of polls by 10.8 points while Hillary:

    According to Real Clear Politics was LOSING to Trump!

    Didn’t Democrats WANT TO WIN? That should confuse all of us!
    Contempt for Voters

    We should all be confused that even as Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned from the DNC for getting caught undermining Bernie Sanders (and the American people), Neither President Obama, nor candidate Clinton offered an apology or even acknowledgment that it was wrong of the DNC to rig the election against Senator Sanders. Instead, Hillary praised the disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz and gave her a new job. ON HER CAMPAIGN! This contempt for Bernie voters and blatant playing of favoritism created ill will and further enforced the consensus opinion of Clinton as highly unpopular for good reason.
    Meanwhile, the essential identity of Liberals as being for “little people” had succumbed to dry rot and the corruption due to money in politics had ruined the Democrat brand.
    The Democratic Party made itself vulnerable to Donald Trump’s insurgency by cultivating Wall Street, wealthy political donors, and other financial elites despised by the American public.


    Overconfidence and Sycophancy

    Should we be confused that newspapers, magazines, journalists, commentators, and so-called expert Pollsters predicted success for Clinton?

    Were all these highly educated elitist professionals held in thrall by the Mind Control expertise of Donald J. Trump? Or, were they ass kissing the one candidate from whom they had the most to gain?

    CNN MONEY U.S. confidently declared:
    Clinton is expected to get 332 electoral votes, while Trump is predicted to get just 206, according to the Moody's Analytics model, which is based on three economic and three political factors.

    Trump’s Svengali mind powers must have been extraordinary to fool these experts!

    To the contrary!
    When polls clearly demonstrated Hillary Clinton was “hated” and seen as an inveterate liar and corporate shill, the media stepped in and exaggerated her chances.
    This is called “confirmation bias”.
    the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.”

    The argument went like this:
    “Hillary is a liar”
    “Yes, but Trump is worse.”

    Hillary was going to be the winner simply because she wasn’t Trump. There were no articulated policy reasons or a clear vision of how to help America.

    Elite media pundits simply self-confirmed what they wanted to believe: Trump had practically no chance at all at beating their personal favorite: Hillary. So, this became “True” by willpower alone not by Trump’s mind control talents.


    In August of 2016, a Harvard research paper titled,
    Trump, Brexit, and the Rise of Populism: Economic Have-Nots and Cultural Backlash appeared. (
    It begins with these words:
    “Populist leaders like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Norbert Hofer, Nigel Farage, and Geert Wilders are prominent today in many countries, altering established patterns of party competition in contemporary Western societies.”

    The research paper goes on to describe an awakening of middle class and low income citizens who worked hard but found that, under Liberal policies, they were continually losing ground. World wide, these were people who were sick of being lectured to by Elites with money, power, prestige, and who chided them to speak in “politically correct” language whether they liked it or not.
    Indeed, the Democrat Party was particularly Tone Deaf. Not listening to disaffected voters is not only stupid and self-defeating, it leads to consequences!
    Was there any demonstrable warning to Democrats?
    Sure! But they weren’t interested in changing--no matter if they won or lost!
    That is confusing!

    Consider what impact this obstinacy had on Democrat success in winning elections:
    Under President Obama’s Liberal policies, Democrat liberals lost more than 1,030 seats in state legislatures, governor's mansions and Congress!

    This is called a TREND.
    This is the voice of Democracy. It is not Russians tampering or white supremacy.

    Who was controlling the minds of the middle class around the world and making them vote against what Liberals were offering?
    Liberals themselves were destroying their own chances.
    Elites think they know what’s best for everybody. They do not listen. They lecture you!

    The Democrat Party refused to even consider for one small moment they had a problem with their own corruption which had caused them to work against the very constituency they took for granted. Inside the LIberal mindset, Progressives and Bernie Sanders should have represented the SOLUTION but the DNC saw them as a pain in the ass PROBLEM. Bernie was scorned privately as we have seen above.

    The same feckless party leaders maintained a stranglehold on the money and power and the rank and file Dems liked the slop at the $$ trough too much to reform their losing streak.

    If anybody was using undue influence to confuse people’s minds it was the corporate Democrat leaders.

    The voters in tossup states were expected to vote against their own economic interests by choosing Democrats. Why? “Because nobody in their right mind would elect Donald Trump.”
    As bad as Hillary was--Trump was worse. THAT was the strategy for winning.

    The 3:45 YouTube video demonstrates a manic mindset of a convinced, intelligent Liberal who is so delusional she simply can’t even imagine one winning scenario for Donald Trump.
    Some people called it “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. I call it smug confirmation bias.
    Rachel Maddow is not only ridiculously wrong, she is convincing potential Democrat voters THEIR VOTES DON’T MATTER!
    Now that, my friends, is Mind Control!!


    Democrats had not been prepared by their experts, their media, their pundits or ruling elite to consider Donald Trump as a possible winner over Hillary Clinton. Why? They willed themselves into a mindset of false belief. The tone deaf overconfidence and refusal to self-examine led to hubris. The voters disabused them of their guaranteed win.
    Is that confusion or mind control? No. It is ordinary stupidity.
    Instead of leaders coming together in the Democrat party and asking the right questions, “What did we do wrong and how can we change?”
    Instead, everybody had a meltdown. This emotional display was butt hurt ego rather than cool analysis.

    The blame shifting and accusations began, none of which improved the Democrats chances for 2018 or any other future election. Instead of changing, instead of listening, the same old loser leaders were put in charge yet again! Who should be the leader of the Democrat Party? Hmmm, maybe the most popular Democrat? Maybe, hmmmm Bernie Sanders? NO WAY!

    A coach of a losing team is fired and replaced. The coach of the Democrats on a losing streak is rehired promising to do it all over again the same way. If you are caught cheating and publicly disgraced, no big deal (or accountability.)

    Is that confusing? It should be.

    Bernie Sanders as the nominative leader--that was the rational way to prevent having to complain about Donald Trump’s lying and confusing style of leadership.
    Trump is exactly where the Electoral College says he is supposed to be. Why?
    Instead saying, “At least Hillary isn’t Trump”, the voters said, “At least Trump isn’t Hillary.”

    Analysis of Trump’s psychiatric tendencies won’t do a damn bit of good for anybody now that the harm has been done by Media, DNC, and elite hangers-on. Nothing is going to change until the culprits change. Why?
    To solve a problem, you must first IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM.

    The problem is not Donald Trump. The problem is the rotten alternative given the American voter.

    The confusion comes because Democrat Leaders don’t lead with policies which promise to address the needs of Middle Class voters and young people. The leader of the Democrat Party should be Bernie Sanders because he was winning before he discovered the candidacy race was never going to be a fair contest.
    The problem with Trump is that, for all practical purposes, the Democrat leaders, the Mainstream Media, the Elite experts, the Politically Correct academics, guaranteed Trump would win by looking the other way and closing their ears as Voters were refusing to approve Liberal Democrat candidates.

    Change the Democrats and Trump automatically goes away.
    Why? A real promise of Hope instantly beats a lying promise of Hope.

    The only people confused and mind controlled have been the very people who should have backed Bernie Sanders. Democrats can’t cram the wrong candidates down the voter’s throats. They must listen and change.
    For the last five months, Democrats are pretending the removal of Donald Trump solves all problems.
    This is typical. The Democrat leaders have nothing to offer to replace Trump which will unify Americans and solve their economic problems with Healthcare’s spiking costs, student debt, the working poor, and vanishing blue-collar jobs. Getting rid of Trump is simply a noisy deflection from their failed policies over the last eight years.
    There is an old saying which is pragmatically true:
    “If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem”.

    Here was Donald Trump’s message. It was the only ad he ran in some states for the past two weeks of the campaign. It did not mention Republican tax plans. It contained no attacks on Obamacare. It didn’t touch on the Muslim immigration ban.
    “Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people.”

    Are you listening, Democrats?

    The MOST IMPORTANT advantage Trump had was his message of Populism at the very time of the rise of ordinary people against Global Elitism.


    More than 60 percent of Americans did not believe that Clinton would remove money's influence from politics, according to Quinnipiac polling. Just 15 percent of Americans thought she'd even try to rein in Wall Street, says Tyler Creighton, senior media associate at the nonprofit ReThink Media. One extensive MSNBC report found that during the Republican primary, Trump’s attacks on special interests and political money were the single biggest reason voters thrilled to his candidacy.”

    Our confusion as to why Donald Trump became President should end here.
    The data, the facts, the trends, the voice of disaffected voters spoke. Trump won not because he had any qualifications, or respectability. He won because he listened to what people wanted to buy.
    A good salesman fills a need.
    A bad politician ignores it.
    As the Vox article put it:

    Hillary Clinton could never credibly attack the political and financial establishment

    The Democratic Party could have gone another way this year.

    Bernie Sanders made standing against special interests and rich donors in politics a key plank in his campaign. He famously refused to accept corporate campaign contributions or those from "millionaires and billionaires." He built a campaign fueled entirely by small-dollar donors (famously contributing an average $27). It all fit naturally with his message that the 1 percent had come to control the US government — and that only someone outside of it could puncture its corrosive hold.”
    Trump VS Bernie would have solved all our problems.

    The Democrats refused to allow us to make such a choice.

    End of Confusion.

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