What is freedom to you?

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  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    We always say free choice, the freedom to choose well the ability to choose is freedom and we claim freedom ourselves to the attention that we become aware of our decisions. Well today this year I choose to never step foot in a KH again unless someone died or I have an axe and some gasoline! Who's got a lighter for me?

  • longgone

    I try to remember that the vast majority of those in attendance have no clue what is going on, and that they are being led by the WTS mind control tactics. I certainly was. 😔

    I completely understand your frustration though.

  • Vidiot
    What is Truth? - "What is freedom to you?"

    The right to come to a conclusion - any conclusion - based on logic and reason, without being hamstrung by ideology.

  • pbrow


    I have an axe if you bring the lighter!


  • Phizzy

    Being free of even feeling much interest in what JW Org gets up to, and certainly being free of any thoughts of revenge, are both important to me.

    Being free of the anxieties, fears, and attitudes imposed on me from birth by the JW Org is also important to me.

    Truth and Freedom can only be defined by each of us according to our circumstances, but one thing is sure, the further away you get from the JW Cult the closer you get to Truth and Freedom !

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    It is all perspective. When FDR gave his four freedom speech in 1940 he spoke of going to two things and going from two things.





    What about the addict who freely chooses to take dangerous drugs? In B.C. Canada last year almost 800 people died of drug overdoses. Not the whole country but just one province. Is it a good thing they had freedom to choose? Some may say they did not because the addiction controlled them. Others argue that they choose freely.

    What about freedom of speech? The freedom to subject others to slander and all its side effects. Who is to decide if it is slander? Maybe it is just the truth. It still does the same damage. We may say, so be it, they should have thought about that before they acted. Now we merely expose them for what they are. If they suffer, so be it. What about their family? Wives, husbands and children. They will be collateral damage. Should they not also have freedom the fear of their lives being effected?

    What about the person whose wants far exceed his needs. More, more, more. One fears not having 10 million dollars in investments thinking he needs it for a secure future. Another fears not having a full paycheck next Friday. Should not both their wants be satisfied? Who is to decide? The answer is that Society, as a whole, has to decide. There has to be some standard to follow that is reasonable and treats all equally. Some may argue for the virtues of JW.Org based on these standards. Others argue against it.

  • LongHairGal


    Freedom is many things but also not caring what anybody thinks.

    Of course, everybody doesn't have this luxury.

    I hope the New Year brings luck to many ex-JWs, whether it be coping with the world and making new friends or getting a better situation with loved ones stuck in the religion.

  • Vidiot

    "What is Truth... eludes me... eludes me... no more..."

  • flipper

    WHAT IS TRUTH ? - Great thread. I agree with you about never stepping foot inside a kingdom hall unless a close relative or friend I knew was a JW died and has a memorial service. Those kingdom halls creep me out big time now.

    As regards your question in your thread " What is Freedom to You ? "

    My view of freedom is to be able to live my life as I want to live it without being told what or how to think from unethical or corrupt individuals who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground . ( AKA WT Society leaders or any other mind control cult ) . To be able to think, write songs of freedom, speak openly about the rights and freedom of all people without giving a flying poop of what people think or how they judge me.

    Also to exercise my freedoms in ways that it allows others to still keep their dignity intact and their freedom of mind intact as well. To openly express my views in a firm, yet respectful manner even though others may differ. And to never allow a group of men or an organization to control my life again where my potential or abilities are wasted and not appreciated. Also freedom to me is openly expressing affection or love for friends, children, marriage partner, or family without fear or reservation of criticism from controlling people. Freedom is to never allow anybody to control me again in my life as I was when enslaved in the mind control cult Jehovah's Witnesses. Freedom to read, explore openly other thought processes and keep an open mind to the world around me to intelligently see what is happening. Staying informed with access to information in a broad manner. That is freedom that can open minds and heal

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