Since freeing myself from Religion I've been trying to free myself from Government as much as possible also

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  • StoneWall

    I love freedom. More than money,vacations material possessions etc.
    To be free of religion has been such a liberating experience. I have to agree with one thing that J.Rutherford (second president of the WT) said about religion being a snare and a racket. Too bad his organization turned out to be one of the worst to ensnare.
    Along those same lines I've noticed a similar feeling with getting away from as much bureaucratic "red tape" as possible. We recently purchased some acreage outside of the Town/City limits out in the open countryside of the county we reside in and being out there has afforded me much time to meditate and contemplate about many things. Just the peacefulness and tranquility made the land well worth what we paid for it.
    Yes we still have the county laws and regulations which we abide by but just being able to get rid of the town/City ordinances (rules/regulations) was so liberating.
    Naturally we bought unrestricted land that had freshwater springs on it so that we had more options for what we wanted to do in the future and not have to worry with HOA's (Home owners association which is more people telling you what to do on your own land)
    My family and I have really enjoyed being out there and can't wait until we are there full-time being that we currently live in our house that is close to the city limits.
    Anyways have any of you been pursuing ways to lessen the grip that governments have on you or maybe even going off grid as much as possible?

  • Vidiot

    Leaning libertarian, are we?

    A number of XJWs go that way.

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    I wish you all the best on your journey to free yourself from the Government. I don't think you will find people here who gone of the grid totally. They just wont be here. You need to google stories of people (some of them are Americans) who moved to Siberia in Russia. Siberia has vast areas with no roads, landlines, mobile network etc. I think it is one of rare place on the planet where you can fully be independent from the system

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