From Reddit…What rumors were reported about you after you stopped attending meeting?

by Biahi 9 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Biahi

    I didn’t hear any about me, my dad was there to squash any of that. But, a guy who left on his 18th birthday, moved cross country, had the rumor started (by elders), that he was now in prison for selling cocaine. Lol, he’s an artist in California. These people are so full of 💩

  • Me.Wonderful

    That I was studying Islam and learning the Quran.

    Allah Akbar Mothef%&kers

  • Overrated

    That I moved to San Francisco to fulfill my homosexual lifestyle. Yet I married a nice woman. Figure that one out? Came up here because of work.

  • hoser

    They can’t have success stories of those that leave. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

  • Bobbeh

    That I'd left my wife and children.

    My cousin overheard a group of people (including another cousin I hadn't spoken to in over a year from a different part of the country!) at a regional convention discussing it and immediately rang, worried about us, but happy to hear it was a stupid rumour.

  • SoTrapped

    i made sure there would be no rumours by sending a copy of my DA letter before the announcement was made ;)

  • Phizzy

    They could not find any form of wrongdoing that explained my leaving. And they always will never face the thought that I left because it simply is not " the truth", no, there must be another reason.

    A rumour went around that I had left to start my own Religion ! When I heard that one , I said, " Well, what a great idea ! there is Money in that !".

  • mickbobcat

    I had one where one of the sisters told my then fiance that I shot my mother. I was said that I a room that I did demon and satanic stuff in. I had a 6x6 room that I built when I built my home in the basement that was under the porch but hidden I kept my guns in. You can not steal what you can not find. To be honest I never tried much to dispel the BS.

  • punkofnice

    Not from Reddit, but real life experience...........the rumours abounded. Some odd things were said.

    1. He's a false prophet.

    2. He's now a vicar in a church.

    3. He's turned gay and has a boyfriend (I can't even get a girlfriend, so what are the chances?)

    The funniest had to be a guy with my name was working at a checkout. Some jobos who didn't know what I looked like, but knew my name, refused to be served by him...............just in case.

    There are more but I can't remember them because they're just typical Jehovah's witness lies and propaganda contrived to keep the jobos in the sheeple pen and slaves to the drunken paedo lovers, the GB.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i can only guess at the goss that must have gone around when i finally got the chop.

    i had started an affaire with a married sis i had always fancied. Her husband and i were friends: i was teaching him to drive. He confided in me his marriage was in a bad way--no sex. I was surprised-to say the least. Long story short--he suggested to me we could try a bit of swapping to liven things up. LOL--it did that alright. ( He was baptised ! But rather weak in every way )

    this is how it started:

    I attended the circuit assembly--and the 4 of us sat together in the public talk. Afterwards--he invited us to their place for the evening. After a meal--he and my wife went to their kitchen to clean up--and he whispered to my to try my luck with his wife--give her a kiss--see what happened . I did.

    Over the next few weeks it all got way out of hand. My wife filed for divorce--even though we were still living together. I moved out--rented a place and the affaire went on. After a while the husband came to see me--said he was also moving out and would i like to move in to his house--with his wife !

    His wife was d/f--and apparently it was announced i couldnt be d/f because i had resigned years before ( which was true )--but should be treated as an apostate and shunned. Hey ho--if it makes the bros happy!

    I did move in with her It was all chaotic. Their kids were in the same school classes as my 2 boys. He was constantly turning up to see his kids--and rowing with his wife . One day i grabbed him and threw him out into the street. At the end of that summer i had had enough--and moved out of that mess.

    She and i carried on seeing each other--and staying over, but i knew she wanted to make things right and get re-instated..which meant marrying or going our separate ways. I chose the latter..there was no way i was going back to that cult. Stuff em.

    All the above is true and took place between autumn 1980 and spring 1982. By then--other scandals were breaking in that congregation so i think i was forgotten about.

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