The Watchtower is not invincible

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Despite claims to the contrary, there's no guarantee the Watchtower will be around in a few decades time. And it seems to me there's ever mounting evidence that the opposite may well be true. But it's not just that recruitment is down and their defectors are up. It's that they've lost almost all control over the Millennials (much less the Millennial's children). And now their mishandling of rape cases has given them an ever expanding legal, public relations, and financial problem.

    The next 24 months will be very telling. The ARC is going to make its recommendations and begin a process of remediation. The WT will, naturally, fight it and this will cause even more bad press for them. In the end they will fail and have to pay out a significant sum of money and change their policies.

    But that's not the "real" problem. There are two very large issues that I can see ahead for them.

    1.) Will other countries carry out similar investigations to the ARC? If they do, they will no doubt make similar findings and also require remediation for the victims in those countries. And with the comes an ever growing plethora of negative press.

    2.) All press at this point is bad press for the WT. They are so out of touch they have no way to communicate with people on the outside. And it is becoming harder and harder for them to hide their tribalistic, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, blood refusing, tight pants hating, us vs the whole damn world bigoted mentality.

    No amount of whitewashing history or self indoctrination is going to solve their problems. Because fooling yourself doesn't get you out of trouble. And it often get you into even worse set of circumstances even faster. You can't disarm a ticking time bomb by closing your eyes and plugging your ears.


    The Watchtower is not invincible..

    ...................BUT.....It Doesn`t Matter..


    Image result for there's a sucker born every minute..

    ......................Image result for Jehovahs witness at door

  • smiddy

    Not only are there suckers born every minute , there are also vulnerable people with mental issues ,

    people that are grieving for one reason or another , death , illness with death in view .

    .People with low self esteem .

    People with limited education that makes them vulnerable .

    Lonely people who seek companionship .

    People/children who are indoctrinated into believing the Bible is the word of God , without even knowing what the Bible actually says .

    These are just some of the reasons why /how people can be sucked in to accepting the religion of JW`s.

    I was in the last catergory , though some on this board might think I fitted an earlier catergory .LOL

    And the poor born ins , you cant blame them for being a part of this cult , until I say they reach an age of maturity , say 21 for instance , if they haven`t realized it`s a cult by then ,

    well I can only pity them .


  • blondie
    Well, God did not seem to give them victory over the company that previously owned the land Warwick build is on....
  • Bonsai
    Like most other parasitic religions, as long as there is a host to prey on they are here to stay. They might diminish in size and power, but they'll find a way to survive. All it takes is one global disaster, like a massive pandemic or war, to get people flooding into kingdom halls. Its only natural for people to find alternative ways to save their own skin.
  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    I certainly hope we don't have to wait decades. I'm hoping for a Berlin Wall speed of demise. The deterioration is certainly caused by the GB and their "helpers". However, the detioration is being helped along by the local GB's, that is - BoE's.

    The WT society is so structured that it seeks to disseminate only and not listen. It ignores Jesus counsel - "Let him who has ears listen well." They ignore Solomon's counsel - "In a multitude of counsellors there is accomplishment". No, they are exclusive rather than inclusive. They are all highly directive rather that participative/consultative. They preach the virtue of being yielding but do not practise it! Many an individual has suffered terribly as a result of BoE's unwarranted interventions in other peoples' affairs.

    In their main teaching text (What Does the Bible Really Teach?) they have a photo of a dirty lollipop and ask if we would lick/suck it? Well, many are realising that the WTS is the dirty lollipop and abstaining accordingly!

  • steve2

    JW org feeds on human desperation and the need to 'know the truth'. Since when was religion reasonable and verifiable? Never. Your OP presumes commonsense and the ability to sift fact from fantasy will prevail over JW org. But it never ever has. People have a need first and religion fills it second.And 'reason' and 'logic' back it up third.

    People may well be able to open their eyes. But whether they choose to open them is another matter altogether..

  • fukitol
    Wish you were right but, sorry, this is wishful thinking. Nothing, I mean nothing, will ever cause the demise of the JW organisation except if the Watchtower Society self destructed by doing the same as the post Herbert Armstrong WCOG by recanting from its core doctrines in favour of Christendoms orthodox dogmas.

    Via Fictitious FB and GMail accounts I have just kept on feeding in WT iniquities to people - some have blocked the account and FB so I just keep moving on -

    However I can assure you that I will shortly be an expert in understanding the inner workings of human Cognitive dissonance - Wow it runs deep .......frightening .....!

    If you read the post from the Andersons / Reveal News on Splanes X-Splanation to the Portuguese on being wary of enema's of the State of JW - simple comments - They obviously are cocky enough to believe the R+F will take it in and believe it ........and I think many will just keep on believing !

  • Phizzy

    I really like this bit of the O.P, succinct and accurate :

    " their tribalistic, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, blood refusing, tight pants hating, us vs the whole damn world bigoted mentality."

    As to the demise of the Org. I believe that will only happen if they cannot ride out the present cash-flow problem, but I think their huge Tax Free income, along with their cost-cutting, will see them through.

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